Independent outlook /// The Sea | The Sea ‘Four Demos EP’

The Sea The Sea

How many bands do you know whose music sends chills down your backbone? Or I should rather reverse the question. How many NEW bands do you know whose music sends chills down your backbone? The Sea | The Sea‘s music does. Released exclusively for Record Store Day and available absolutely for free until the release of the quintet’s new EP later this year, ‘Four Demos EP’ is too precious an EP to leave it unnoticed.

The Sea | The Sea draw influences from the likes of Foals and The Maccabees, but having got inspired by these bands, they present the sound very much their own and intriguing. Mysterious soundscapes driven by either stripped back, natural or exquisitely crafted, effected textures are as unpredictable as the sea. Guitars team up with synthesisers for dreamy, eerie melodies touched by some unearthly feel. The Sea | The Sea cast a darkened veil over the songs resulting in ghostly serenity of slow motion melodies with a mingle of psychedelic and post-punk spiced up by alternative. If ‘The Strait, The Narrow’ is totally out of this world, ‘Something Happened’ is a rather strict, firm affair. While ‘Waterfall’ is light and boasts a sharpened, tremendous explosive bridge, ‘The Winter Parade’ lights up for a bold, upbeat course.

Throwing together ambient, dreamy and bold, upbeat motives, The Sea | The Sea make this sort of record which is crisp and leisurely at the same time. Deep vocals range between tenor and falsetto and play a huge role in enchanting listeners. The four-track EP flows – unpredictable and enchanting – like the sea and thus will easily calm you down with its dreamy sound to the point of no resistance first and then seduce with intricate, majestic melodies. Dive in, if you still haven’t.


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