Track by track /// Showbizheroes ‘Tales From Behind the Curtain’ [Album] 2013

Showbizheroes Tales From Behind The Curtain

For Showbizheroes substance is the most important thing when it comes to their music. The band make catchy indie tunes with their own attitude and with it they’ll conquer you easily. Yes, you and yes, easily. June saw the release of the band’s highly anticipated debut album ‘Tales From Behind The Curtains’ and Showbizheroes’ guitarist and vocalist Nick Weeks walks you through all the twelve tracks of the record.

01 – Tomorrow Never Goldfinger – We have re-jigged this song many times realising that the melody of the verse had a very bond-esque feel that’s why we gave it the unusual title. This song started out as an acoustic number but once the band started jamming it was quite apparent it deserved to be fully electric. Most appealing trait is the crunchy rock guitars in the chorus

02 – Just Out Of Reach – This song focuses on the elated feelings of hope you have when you first meet someone special to you. I believe this is one of our more uplifting songs. We demoed this a few times trying different intros and mixes. We even changed the keyboard riff in the bridge as literally the last tweak to the album. Most appealing trait the soaring vocal on the chorus.

03 – Saving Grace – Lyrically the darkest song on the album. It focuses on the protagonist attempting to deal with the threat of loss by being over protective, and then eventually causing what they most feared. Most appealing traits are the guitar that sounds like a life support machine at the beginning or the swelling keyboard part on the bridge. This is personally still my favourite track on the album.

04 – Sinner – This song, like most of the lyrics on the album, contains a miss-mash of different subjects. The prevailing one in this is appreciating exactly the type of person you are (in the context of this song not a very
nice one) and making the most of it. My main memories of this is being stuck in a small dark studio, in the middle of summer, wearing a leather jacket with a load of lights beating down on me. Most appealing trait, catchy guitar and bass riff although I also love Dan’s ‘Mansun’ style high vocal on the verses.

05 – L.O. – We were experimenting a lot sonically at this point repeating effectively four chords, with limited vocals, and trying to create a driving feel. To capture that on the record we recorded a lot of the parts as raw as possible and then kept the mix as basic as we could. Lyrically this was more about words fitting the rhythm and dark mood of the song than any particular subject. Most appealing trait it’s raw driving feel.

06 – Thinking and Drinking – I lost count how many variations we did on this song. We tried it acoustically, we tried it very heavy, we even tried it with an electronic feel using the keys more predominantly. The moment though I was playing the opening riff and Austin popped in with the bass notes played so close together the songs just ran from there. Lyrically this song was about despair and the 2 main way I deal with it (although I confess I do more drinking than thinking). Most appealing trait: I love the overlapping vocals at the end.

07 – Maybe She’s An Angel – This song was by far the most rewarding to lay down and even has real violins provided by former member of the london symphony orchestra. I wrote this song years ago at 2am in the morning when I’d returned from a beautiful night out and couldn’t sleep. I’m sure the last thing I’d heard on the car radio was a Crowded House number and I feel that shows in the song. I was playing it as quietly as possible so not to
wake the rest of the house. This was the one song. Jay and I didn’t mix and I love that fact as I got shivers when the chap first played it to me. Most appealing trait, Massive build up and crecendo, catchy keyboard.

08 – Henry’s song – I remember seeing an interview with the Smashing Pumpkins when they were laying down Siamese Dream and the fact they layered nearly 40 guitars to produce that heavy- thick sound. When we came to
recording this number that was exactly going through my head. We didn’t lay 40 guitars but there’s at least 10 together in the mix. At its base level this song was focused around a massive fight in an Essex night club, trying to convey the aggressive attitude of some, and the fear that everyone else feels around. I was ribbed by Austin for his nod towards melody patterns of a certain take that song (which I still don’t fully understand). Most appealing trait – well it’s got to be the awesomely heavy guitar ?

09 – 21 – I wrote this around the same time as Sinner and I was looking to mix the elated feelings you have on a truly good night out with the darker side of people (which we explored in Sinner). An unofficial version sees a
longer breakdown and a rap and chant questioning the sexual preference of a member of the band (*cough* Austin *cough*) and even has a special dance performed by Dan. Most appealing trait the sound of Dan’s keys at the
beginning (reverbed like a tube tunnel) or the way the chorus kicks in with he heavy guitar.

10 – Climb to Fall – I think the song was literally redefined by the video that Austin and Jay produced for this. It was so funny and contained everything from cross dressing, frogs and fighting our good and bad selves. Most appealing trait was the thunderous ending, although my personal highlight was getting to throw Austin over a wall and pretending to give him a beating (in the video obviously) ?

11 – This Is How It Feels (to be wrong) – Jay and I spent days literally getting the right amount of reverb on that guitar. This song does what it says on the tin. It’s a rather spiteful song about rubbing someone’s nose in you being right when they’ve decided to leave you for someone who turns out to be a complete ar$e. Most appealing trait is the last chorus where the vocals loop around each other.

12 – Storm In A Teacup – This song was literally a one take wonder (including the vocals) and I think that really shows in the sound. I love the simple mix and minimalist bass work. Most appealing trait has to be the last section where the whole band comes together for the last few bars.


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