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Raised As Wolves

If you hear Raised As Wolves at least once, they’ll definitely kidnap your imagination with their fresh mingle of alternative rock and post-hardcore, served to you with the band’s personal attitude. Catchiness and brutality, firmness and melody, clear and harsh vocals – all these tot up to very engaging listen. On 15th July Raised As Wolves release their EP ‘An Ocean On Fire’ and this is the record to behold! Prior to the release, Jezza Bruce and Rob Hill talk to Rock Britain about the band and the EP.

– What was the beginning of Raised As Wolves like?

– Our first few months were a really exciting period; we’d all experienced the music industry in one way or another and thought it was time to take a shot at making something of ourselves. We felt this was a real opportunity to shine; it took a lot of hard work & most importantly fun to get to this stage. We wouldn’t be at this stage now if we hadn’t been willing to work hard from the off and help pull each other in the same direction.

– What event in your career do you consider to be the most crucial so far?

– I feel that the opportunity to share a stage with We Are The Ocean could be one of the most crucial events for Raised As Wolves. It shows we are attracting the attention of the right people and that we are heading in the right direction as a band. It gave us the opportunity to gage ourselves against an established and popular live band and acted as a massive opportunity to learn and develop our live shows. This showed us all what hard work will achieve and has pushed each member to try and realise our dream.

– What’s the most important thing for you in making music?

– Being able to freely express ourselves! We are still doing it our own way and not being pushed in any direction by any outsiders. Every decision we make is our own and that allows us to make an honest, undiluted EP. As clichéd as it is, all the lads have drastically different influences across pretty much every genre of music, which only serves as a positive when we are trying to create something original and listenable. We wanted to give our view on current affairs and society as a whole without preaching it to our listeners; this is our opinion but you make your own decisions.

– Your EP ‘An Ocean On Fire’ is out soon. Could you tell us a bit about this E.P?

– This will be our second E.P, a follow up to our debut 4 track, self titled E.P from early 2012. We spent the second half of 2012 pushing ourselves to write better material and develop a more noticeable signature sound. We hit the studio towards the end of January 2013 after numerous rehearsals and gigs, using the live shows to effectively try out the new material live to see if it is the sort of thing people wanted to hear. The record was produced by Phil Gornell (Summerlin, MeVSHero) and his expertise was invaluable. He gave no member anywhere to hide and made us all learn the tracks inside out before moving on. We’re thoroughly excited be releasing it, a lot of blood, sweat and tears/money went into it and we are all proud to have our name on the E.P. Its a big progression from our first E.P, we’ve each coaxed each other to expand our writing in a mature way. We’ve definitely found our own sound for sure and we are all itching to get writing new material! We’re really proud of what we’ve done; the feedback so far has been amazing. Long may that last!

– How did you enjoy the whole process of working at the EP?

– The very first writing session for this E.P was way back in June ’12 so it’s been a long time in the making. All the lads have plenty of experience in and around the studio environment thanks to our chosen university degrees, but we’ve never worked collectively on something that meant so much to us. We self recorded/mixed the debut E.P and had nobody to answer too, whereas for A.O.O.F, we had Phil who listened in to everything we did and questioned every decision we made. This added to the creative process and made all of us think properly about what we wanted to achieve. However long the time period, I think we can safely say we’ve loved every minute of it. We’ve written, recorded and trialled songs in locations all over Yorkshire and Lancashire to massively varied audiences. It has been a great experience and an awesome learning curve in which we’ve definitely found our niche. A niche we look to push to the forefront of the modern alternative music scene. We won’t forget all the hard work we put in and we eager to see the feedback after the E.P release.

– How would you describe each other in one word?

Jezza: Determined

James: Reliable

Tom: Creative

Rob: Peacemaker

Paul: Joker

– What’s your biggest dream in music?

– Sold out UK tour with an album that satisfies fans and critics alike! If we don’t aim for the stars then we won’t achieve anything at all. We just want to be a self sufficient band that can leave some kind of impression in the world of rock and roll.


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