Independent outlook /// Circle Of Reason ‘These Hands And This Mind’ [EP] 2013

Circle Of Reason

British music scene seems to be beyond all doubt the music realm hiding a lot of gems that come up suddenly to create the effect of a huge explosion. When these gems release their EPs and you hear them, your faith in good music actually becomes restored. Hailing from the Southwest of the UK rock outfit Circle Of Reason are exactly the music gem I’m talking about. Their newest EP ‘These Hands And This Mind’ (out 29th July) can easily make it to the list of your most favourite releases this year.

‘These Hands And This Mind’ is a follow-up to 2012’s ‘A Favour For A Stranger’ – the record that put Circle Of Reason on the radar of music community. Having received glowing reviews from music press, the record established Circle Of Reason firm on their feet and the sophomore EP is set to cement these positions further.

Spontaneous, fresh and unpredictable: these words sum up the essence of ‘These Hands And This Mind’ ideally. Sharp guitar riffs rise to fiery slashing as instantly as they fall to smooth, melodious flows. The transitions from raw, abrupt passages to huge, melodious ones are instant and quick: from dark tranquility to lyrical heaviness and back by means of the steepest turns is not a problem for Circle Of Reason.

Ambience and viscosity of ‘Don’t Be Still’ are driven by shattering drums, solid bass and intricate guitars which flow into dark, eerie intensity of ‘Home’. ‘Themes Amongst Thieves’ strikes massive and huge like an uplifting anthem while pleasantly heavy ‘Novel’ and lullaby ‘Sleep’ put a final memorable full stop in this five-track wonder. Being standout stars each, these tracks have their own characters – anthemic or progressive, mysterious or lyrical, but all very distinct and not repetitive. The vocals of Simon Osman are like velvet and caress your ears with soft power. Sounding very assertive, this vocal performance sends you in awe while hypnotising and enchanting slowly.

Haunting or uplifting, ‘These Hands And This Mind’ is an alluring, substantial work of music with attractive spontaneity and five totally different tracks that show the diversity of the band’s approach to making music. The whole of the EP is heavily loaded with saturated, rich textures which, when joined together, form delicious melodies. Energising sound appears memorable and arresting, especially when played real loud, so do your neighbours a favour, introduce them to some good music and have a good time yourself.

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