Independent outlook /// Bombers ‘Forecast/The Way You Think You Look’ Double A-side


Post-punk psychedelia of a new wave of Birmingham talent aka Bombers has already considerably rocked the boat of music lovers around the UK. While the release of the band’s double A-side ‘Forecast / The Way You Think You Look’ is creeping nearer, chances are that you’ll be getting more up close and personal with the dark undertones of their music.

‘Forecast’ and ‘The Way You Think You Look’ team up for a haunting music experience darkened by gloomy vibrations of bass, but livened up by chaotic drumwork and dynamic, gleaming guitars with spontaneous mighty flares. Behind this seemingly dark landscape of Bombers’ land, beyond smoking riffs and sharp, angular melodies, there glows a funky, upbeat side of their music, that adds firmness and wit to both tracks for the effect strong and long-lasting.

Bombers’ nonchalance is neat and the elements, thrown together casually with a touch of artistic chaos, shape the listening into an exquisite and well-crafted one. Their sonic darkness is dangerously intoxicating and alluring, so it’s guaranteed that you’ll be overdosing on Bombers’ music without any shame.


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