Face to face with Sendelica


Psychedelic music evoking bright imagery and coming as if from outer space… That’s what Cardigan-based band Sendelica are about. July 21st is the release of the collective’s new album ‘The Kaleidoscopic Cat And Its Autoscopic Ego’ and Sendelica’s very own Pete Bingham (guitar/electronics) introduces the record to you.

– Your new album ‘The Kaleidoscopic Cat And Its Autoscopic Ego’ is out on 21st July. Now when the album is ready for audiences to hear, how would you describe this record?

– Probably the most complex album we have recorded to date. We were recording and mixing for over a year, much longer than our previous albums, and this was the intention right from the start…. to produce a much more focused album. There is a lot of light and shade in this work…. sometimes you have to work hard to strip things down. I love the feeling of ‘space’ that we have made in this album, there is a certain etheralness underlying all the tracks….. everything flows with a passion and a purpose. Very proud of the finished entity.

– Musically, how is it different from your previous releases?

– Well it still sounds like Sendelica but there is a progression from our previous albums, I think the production and writing is much tighter, even on the jam based tracks. Quite a few people have already mentioned how much they love the overall ‘sound’ of the album. A lot of our previous influences are certainly still evident but i think a lot of other stuff has crept in….. already people have mentioned PIL & Killing Joke influences on tracks like ‘Clever Meat’ and certainly a nod to early Pink Floyd on ‘Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Buddha’

– What were the main sources of inspiration behind the album?

– I guess in many ways we approached it along the lines of Sgt. Pepper and Piper at the Gates of Dawn….. an album where the tracks interconnect….. taking you on a journey….. a musical trip… We used a lot more instrumentation and orchestration on tracks. We also allowed more influences to seep into the grooves of this album compared to our early releases…….

– How did the recording process go? How much time did it take to record the album and what were the highlights of the process for you personally?

– It was quite a long recording and mixing period…… almost twelve months on and off. We ended up with a few hours of finished recordings which we whittled down into the finished album. We did a lot of overdubbing and revisiting tracks and a lot of time was spent over the sequencing of the album…. it takes you on a journey.

– Who created the album art for the album? Is there any connection between the album art and the Sendelica KALEIDOSCOPIC SLEEVEmusic on the record?

– The brilliant artwork for the album was the work of two artists….. Morvenna Richards (from Wales) and Andreas cederqvist (from Sweden) and yes there is a strong link between the imagery and the music.

– What’s the best atmosphere for listening to this album?

– LOL….. well there is an obvious answer to that question….. but I’ll leave your readers to work that one out for themselves!!…. I’m sure they’ll get there…..

– As music arouses various feelings in people, which feelings and emotions do you expect ‘The Kaleidoscopic Cat And Its Autoscopic Ego’ to stir in people?



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