Featured EP /// Emmott And The Folkestra ‘Love, Lust And Desire’ (2013)

Emmott and the Folkestra

Modern interpretation of folk music can indeed be an engaging one. Emmott And The Folkestra throw rock, punk and acoustic in the mix to folk music and get something truly unique on the outcome. Sounding very fresh, the band’s EP ‘Love, Lust And Desire’ is a three-track wonder of merry tracks that will easily get you on your feet and dancing. Bearing a sense of rural carnival brought to you by frantic acoustic guitar and prominent tapping Michael Flatley would enjoy, Emmott And The Folkestra initiate an immense round dance of brisk, lively melodies full of exuberance. Slowing down only for a delicate ‘Sea Of Antiquity’, the EP has the time of its life on ‘Love, Lust And Desire’ and ‘Idle Hands’.  Join in the merrymaking.


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