Getting to know /// Ashestoangels

Final Press Shot A2A

Hailing from Bristol, Ashestoangels revolve their sound around huge doses of punk and electronics. Gloomy and darkened, slightly adorned by gothic air, spiky and sharp, their music will strike straight to your heart and infect you with its electric nature.

“I started Ashestoangels a very long time ago; most people learn their craft in a number of different bands, but I’ve just stuck with one,” says Ashestoangels’ singer/synth master Crilly.  “I’ve written literally hundreds of songs since the band started, some of them are pretty terrible! But I think you can trace a fairly clear evolution from our first song to where we are now. I’ve always had a sound in my head, it’s just taken this long to get it out…. Like Johnny Cash we sound like this because we don’t know how to play any other way.”

The way they play is pretty alluring though. Hard-working rebels teamed up with William Control of Aiden to work at their debut album. Though tough the process was, Ashestoangels polished their songs to the level of perfection and came up with the debut striking and unforgettable. Mingling a lot of influences, Ashestoangels produce the cocktail delicious and intoxicating. Be careful when you overdose on it.

Ashestoangels official website


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