Getting to know /// Zorzilla


Kent-based outfit Zorzilla make music far from boring and close to inventive. Listen and judge for yourself, but first get to know them a bit better: they don’t bite.

– What is the story behind Zorzilla’s formation?

– Zorzilla is Max Taylor, Sam Ives, Solomon Lawson & Niall Bowman. We first came together back in late 2009 after we met our drummer Solomon at a local jam night. His parents were then nice enough to let us practice in his bedroom so we started writing songs together; and Zorzilla was born.

– How would you introduce the band to someone who’s never heard of you?

– I guess the best way to describe us would be as a melodic Alternative Rock band, leaning more towards the psychedelic way of thinking. Taking a lot of influence from 60’s music but also a lot from the present time as well. But we’ve been experimenting with some different equipment and have been using more keyboards as you can hear on ‘Calmer Waters’, so the EP will probably feature a mixture of laid back psych pop songs along with loud and dynamic guitar music.

– What are the main sources of inspiration behind your music?

– One of our earliest influences and for me one of the reasons we wanted to start this band in the first place was a band from Athens Georgia called Dead Confederate who are a kind of dark, grungy psych band. As well as this were heavily influenced by Tame Impala, Queens of The Stone Age, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Nirvana and MGMT.

-How are your songs usually born from the beginning to the end?

– Most of the time it will start with Max writing the songs and then bringing them to the practice room, where the whole band will work on them and more or less come up with their own parts. However ideas for songs also arise regularly through ‘jamming’ together and we still have dozens of ideas that we’ve recorded together and need to listen back to and turn into finished songs.

-Zorzilla’s debut EP is out soon. What can listeners expect to hear on your debut?

– It’s basically going to be a combination of new songs that we’ve been working on, as well as some older ones that we came up with closer to when we started. I guess it will contain the best of our old songs along with material that showcases what we want to do in the future.

– If you could go back in time and see any band live, who would you choose to see and why?

– For me, it would have to be The Doors. Simply because I couldn’t imagine seeing a more exciting band live. Jim Morrison was completely unpredictable, but the rest of the band was always right there with him. Mind blowing songs. Mind blowing performances.

– Where do you see Zorzilla in the future?

– We’re hoping we can become a lot more self-reliant when it comes to recording our own material. We’ve been a bit slow in getting music out there in the past so we hope that by recording ourselves more we’ll be able to be more prolific and get more music out there. Other than that, world domination would be nice!


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