Independent outlook /// Clang Boom Steam ‘Clang Boom Steam’ [Album] 2013


We all know this sort of music which, while listening to it, holds us, listeners, totally hypnotised by its sound. Liverpool outfit Clang Boom Steam‘s music is intoxicatingly hypnotic in its darkness. The band will take you by the hand and lead you into the underworld of exciting music experience which you won’t want to leave once you step in. Fancy the journey? Then give a listen to Clang Boom Steam’s debut self-titled album.

Once you enter the kingdom of Clang Boom Steam, you’re greeted by the opening track ‘Clan’ which lures you further with booming sounds and thick layers of bass. ‘Worms’ carries on in this direction spreading the band’s spell mercilessly for no escape to be possible.Quickening for the frenzy of ‘Weird Bint’ or slowing down for ‘Diggin Up The Dead’, Clang Boom Steam remain on the path of sounding mysteriously dangerous and thunderous. A final strike  is cast with the closer ‘Fort St Gabriel’ which cements the fascination and impression made.

And then there’s the bass, of course, which plays a huge part in Clang Boom Steam’s music. Its prominence and depth cast a droning, sombre veil over the whole of the debut record. From under this veil there pours menacing, even sinister air lead by the joined forces of the bass at the forefront, grungy guitars and thunderous drums. Pulsating waves of melodies spread in a syrupy crawl that tastes deliciously bittersweet. Shady, dusky melodies ooze confident vapour in the manner gritty and threatening, so if you think there’s a way back, you’re mistaken.

The debut self-titled album from Clang Boom Steam is a thrilling music experience. Indeed, this is exactly how a soundtrack to Edgar Allan Poe’s stories should sound.


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