Independent outlook /// Low Tide Theory ‘Big Sky’ [Album] 2013

Low Tide Theory

Synth-driven electro pop has always been the verge of sophistication and the finest example of quality pop music. While keyboards set the tone of any track of that direction, the application of darker or lighter shades can vary the soundscape dramatically. Low Tide Theory have opted for light, elevating tones in their music, which will take you to the skies with the band’s debut album ‘Big Sky’.

Dreamy moods lay a veil of light over the tracks that become pastel and fresh-sounding like early summer morning. Layers of synths appear multiple and changeable, never remaining the same. Low Tide Theory keep their sound light and lo-fi, simply structured, but alluring nevertheless. It moves quietly and lightly, the tracks change each other swiftly, seamlessly – as if borne by air and is not weighed down by unnecessary heavy arrangements. ‘Crash’ is blazing with bright keys and ‘Time Will Tell’ is the darkest track of the album with industrial hints and undeniable firmness. The initially laid-back pace becomes even more leisurely at ‘Exit Ramp’ – a mellow ballad with tender motives while gothic undertones colour ‘Starting With Me’ in darkish shades.

Retro feel of the 80s when New Order and Simple Minds ruled the synthpop stage colours ‘Big Sky’ generously. Low Tide Theory have managed to perfectly capture this feel that makes the album sound as if dating a couple of decades back and they do so very skillfully. Combining upbeat, funky and darkened, slower numbers, Low Tide Theory have created the album varied and highly appealing to any connoisseur of good music.

2 Responses to “Independent outlook /// Low Tide Theory ‘Big Sky’ [Album] 2013”
  1. Jamie says:

    Thanks for introducing me to this band. As soon as I saw the names New Order and Simple Minds in the post I had to check them out. The 2 tracks are very good.

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