Independent outlook /// The Sun Explodes ‘We Build Mountains’ [Album] 2013

The Sun Explodes

The Sun Explodes are one of the fastest-growing music forces on the UK music scene, which is no surprise though with their truly unique sound and energised live shows. While the release of The Sun Explode’s debut album ‘Emergence’ in 2011 was the event that pushed the band to the top of underground rock scene, their sophomore effort ‘We Build Mountains’ is set to cement these firm positions further.

The Sun Explodes have always been notable for their ability to put together the elements which seem absolutely unmixed at first sight. In their tunes brutality go side by side with lyricism and, moreover, co-exist very peacefully and seamlessly. That’s been the band’s signature sound since the very beginning and ‘We Build Mountains’ is no exception.

‘We Build Mountains’ is a force that demands reckoning with. Impressive introduction ‘Fear Of Falling’ hits hard, takes no prisoners and does exactly what an introduction should do: it makes you familiar with the records character and snatches you into its world. Title track ‘We Build Mountains’ is a mighty uproar led by cutting riffs while ‘A Thousand Fires’ has soaring melody with lyricism and a signature mighty volcanic eruption at the end. Two interludes – ‘Machines Pt. 1’ and ‘Lamia’ – bridge the tracks together and, above all, showcase The Sun Explode’s brilliant instrumentation. ‘Serpentine’ closes the album in such an awe-inspiring, memorable manner that the record will put itself on repeat before you even know what’s going on.

Determination, confidence and a sense of inner power show themselves not only in lyrics, but also in melodies on ‘We Build Mountains’. Distortion applied to the sound can almost be sensed hot on your face, shaking the air around you. Each track is a throbbing pulse pumping high-powered energy into your ears, while intricate, masterful riffs batter like daggers – stabbing and stinging.

Going from mellow melodies and delicacy to hard brutality and slashing chords is absolutely no trouble for The Sun Explodes and, moreover, for them it’s the most natural thing on Earth. Dave Maclachlan’s vocals with support from Alex Harris and Alex Adamson follow the same unpredictable routes switching to high-pitch falsetto, harsh screams or angelic singing when you least expect it. But that’s the icing of this record – you never know what to expect from the band and even on repeated listens when it seems to you that you know every note and can predict any turn of the sound, The Sun Explodes will still be surprising you by their immense musicianship and talent. Unique and utterly mind-blowing.


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