Getting to know /// Black Noise

Black Noise

When two creative, musical minds meet and start planning and scheming, time to behold as once their music is unleashed, it’ll get under your skin to stay there. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up to Black Noise. The brainchild of Laurence René and Nick Kozuch is the embodiment of dark, unpredictable pop with a twist – alluring, seducing, dangerous. Here’s Black Noise as introduced by Laurence René.
– Black Noise started coming into shape quite a long time ago. Do you remember the moment when you finally realised: “Yes, now Black Noise was born and we are ready to rock”?
– It really started as a therapeutic project to get creative, let out emotions, frustrations and ideas. It’s something that helps keep my sanity in check. Me & Nick started writing earlier this year but Black Noise wasn’t something with identity until June.
– What is the most important thing for you while making Black Noise music?
– I think the most important part is to gain pleasure from the whole process, sometimes that can get lost in the whole music system, if you aren’t loving what you do then to me the whole thing becomes pointless. I’d definitely like to achieve new things as an artist with Black Noise and experiment with new sounds and processes, to create a sound that triggers a host of visual ideas and emotions when it’s heard. There are a lot of personal experiences and standpoints in these songs, It’s important that the madness of the world doesn’t completely consume me and that I am able to use Black Noise as an outlet in my life.
– How is your sound shaped? What way do songs go from a draft to a final version?
– Well right now the Noise Factory in the lovely english countryside is a hive of activity. The sound can come from guitar, synth, words or something as simple as a beat. we have been experimenting with drum loops and seeing where a rhythm takes us. So far we have written around 15 tracks and we have been writing and then putting those songs into a completed demo form which is something that is good enough to hear but not one that will have an official release. For now it’s about capturing the essence of our creations and seeing how people out there react to it. The next step is taking it live.
– What’s your most favourite atmosphere for writing music and how does it influence the music you write?
– I love the atmosphere of writing alongside Nick. I’ve touched on it in the past but to have two people feeding off of each other and not worrying too much about the outside world is very refreshing. It’s a little bit of a control freak situation but it’s simple and very laid back, things seem to flow freely. I do enjoy writing melodies when travelling, I’m constantly singing into my phone when no ones looking.
– As you see it, what is the most alluring trait of Black Noise?
– It’s unique, it’s cool and it has some kind of haunting attraction, I think that is because it has all the elements of pop music but it ventures into dark themes and nothing is safe. I guess it’s quite mysterious and there is a lot of depth in there if you’re brave enough to dig.
– What is the main philosophy, motto of Black Noise?
– It’s hard to say if we have a motto but we have plenty of opinions and experiences I guess we want you to question all you think you know, open your eyes, open your mind, amount to something and don’t just follow a pattern it’s dangerous.
– Where do you expect to take Black Noise in several years’ time?
– I expect the sound of Black Noise to travel and to probably be quite different from the songs we put out now. I think there is a lot of space to indulge in a world of sounds. I’d like to think Black Noise will be attracting interesting people to its gatherings who’s knows what it is capable of achieving those kinds of things we’ll leave it to find its own place in the world but I want it to touch as many minds as possible, for it to get what it deserves.
2 Responses to “Getting to know /// Black Noise”
  1. eva6kora says:

    Great interview! Loving the music as well. Brilliancy!

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