Independent outlook /// Ashestoangels ‘With Tape And Needles’ [Album] 2013

Final Press Shot A2A

Dark side of music is eternally appealing with its mysterious twists and turns, haunting and alluring for the most sensitive souls and those who like their life soundtracks dark and sexy. Bristol-based Ashestoangels will seduce you with a fresh, sharp, synthy-goth-punk mingle, striking images and ardent passion. The band’s album ‘With Tape And Needles’ lands on 26th August and it simply must make a way to your record collection if you like your music dark, sharp and sexy.

Produced by William Control, ‘With Tape And Needles’ is the embodiment of Ashestoangels’ striking, bold character. That’s what lead singer Crilly says about working with William:

“William could see what we were going for on this album and really pushed us to try and achieve it. He really knows his stuff when it comes to electronics and punk rock, the two things that make up a lot of our sound. It would have been a very different album if we had worked with anyone else. He told us that we were a great local band, but it was time to step our game up. With him driving us we rewrote and recorded the whole album in about 14 days. When we came into the studio we brought an albums worth of songs that we thought were finished – William thought they were demos. So, we basically quit sleeping and just got on with rewriting it. It was very intense and my ego took a death punch to the face but we came out a much better band.”

This nine-track offering accumulates in about thirty minutes, but these thirty minutes will change your life. Ashestoangels skillfully juggle with raw punk, solemn gothic and throbbing electronics, take the best from each genre and create a unique sound on the outcome. Howling guitars roar – dirty and seductive and set the main tone of the record. However, the same dirty guitars are capable of calming down within a matter of a moment and tone down to their clean, innocent selves. And when melodies take an opposite route and soft passages suddenly explode with an uproar into a frenzy of guitars supported by prominent, menacing rhythm section – gunshot drums and profound bass, there shines Ashestoangels’ unpredictability at its best. Anthemic passages pop up here and there and are meant to be sung along to by sold-out arenas. Layers of electronics pierce melodies and do make a great difference and the piano plays a very important part in making the album sound solemn and beautifully elegant.

‘Dorian’ or ‘Good Things Come To Those Who Waste’ tune you to a lyrical frequency with sombre piano introductions and then suddenly strike with roaring riffs, while ‘Lumi’ and ‘SOS’ – the ballads of the record – can’t stay in their ballad mode for a long time and eventually break free from a mellow flowing of their courses and start a riot. Emphatic electronics threaten to slice everything into pieces with their edgy, laser attack in ‘The Highest Choir’ or ‘Dolls Dolls Dolls’ and piano-driven ‘Elsinore’ builds up to gang, chanting vocals giving way to a forceful, fiery chorus.

Ardent passion covers the whole record and this soaring, blistering feeling is the power, the driving force of ‘With Tape And Needles’. It feels in the vocals, in the melodies and in the air which becomes electrified moments after you hit play. ‘With Tape And Needles’ is the record you simply won’t resist. This album has a very powerful grip on listeners – the grip of music made with soul and passion. With ‘With Tape And Needles’ Ashestoangels smash boundaries to pieces and take you to the boiling point of music pleasure.


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