Getting to know /// Borderline:FIRE


They’re growing fast and soon they’ll get you! Meet Reading-based Borderline:FIRE and prepare for the storm.

– What inspired you to start Borderline:FIRE in the first place?

– All of us had always looked up and almost, in a way, envied friends who had been in bands when we were younger.

(Chaz says)… I found listening to music very inspirational and was in my first band at the age of 13, as a result.

(Stack says)… Jonny and I went to our first gig together when we were about 15. It was Lostprophets at Wembley Arena and after getting kicked out of the standing area for a bit too much crowd surfing I think from then on we were hooked.

  Your sound has evolved a lot from the initial indie pop to heavier melodies. What triggered the change and how did the evolution happen?

– Our change to heavier music was almost accidental. Heavy music is like an addiction, you don’t jump straight into the hard stuff. We asked Stack if he could play synth for one big gig, after we’d been a band for nearly a year and then never asked him to leave. It took a while for the synth to fit into our style and as we progressed with Stack as an extra member the music gradually began to change.

  What is your main approach to making music?

– We go in trying to make something with a big sound, with commercial and catchy elements. Each of us take each others ideas and see how they develop and blend. Lyrics are all written from our thoughts and ideas relating to any issues we feel are worth debating.

  Your EP ‘This Trojan State’ is out in September. What would you like the headline on the front page of a magazine to say about the EP?

– I think we’d love to see something that defines us and makes us stand out. We’ve never wanted to sound like too many bands out there so possible words like ‘unique’ or ‘individual’ referring to our sound or genre.

  What can music fans expect from your live shows?

– Energy. Airhorns. Noise. Better bring an umbrella.

–  How did you get into music at all?

– Naturally… Everyone is drawn to listen to music from a young age.

(Chaz says) for me it was being given an Oasis tape at the age of 5.

(Stack says) Mum bought me Meteora by Linkin Park and that tamed me away from S Club 7 and Westlife.

  Which bands are your biggest influences and inspirations?

– All of our influences vary, from some of the heaviest metal, through electro, dance and dubstep, to acoustic and some pop. Main influences would include Nirvana, Enter Shikari, Pink Floyd, Funeral for a Friend, Architects…

  What’s your biggest ambition in music?

– For some of us i think it would be to play Reading Festival. It’s so local to us and we’ve been going since teenagers it would be amazing to see the festival from the other side. To play in front of large crowds and alongside bands that we grew up listening to and have influenced us. And gain respect for it.


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