Concert stories /// Editors @ Izvestia Hall /// Moscow /// 01.09.2013


When autumn comes, the levels of sadness in some people grow. The end of summer and the approach of winter can hardly be good news for most of us, but if you start your autumn properly, there’s no need to be disappointed. For Moscow audience meeting the autumn 2013 in the company of Editors on 1st September at Izvestia Hall was indeed a warm prelude to Russian colds.

So what exactly is it like to experience Editors live? Imagine a bolt of passion, talent, energy, love of music and emotions exploding onstage right into your face and cover you with a huge heatray. And when the mounting waves of this ray keep on crashing down on you throughout the whole of the show, you realise that it is not an ordinary gig indeed.

Forming a great partnership and musicianship on the stage, Editors bring this special vibe to the audience and transform it into a ton of energy unleashed at those present. Basing the setlist on all of their four albums, Editors show a great deal of versatility and mood switches throughout. From the intensity, strung-up Editors live in Moscow by Olga Polomoshnovafrequency of ‘Sugar’ and bouncing air of ‘A Ton Of Love’ through gothic synths of menacing ‘In This Light And On This Evening’ and darkness of ‘Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors’ straight onto the anger of ‘The Racing Rats’, vivacity of ‘All Sparks’ and absolute culmination of ‘Papillon’ full of fire, total loss of control and chaos, it is a ride to take your breath away.

Editors live is an outburst of emotions and passion, in the most sincere and open way. Watching the band’s frontman Tom Smith is a spectacle of its own: just following the way he lives through all the songs without hiding anything that gets him as far as climbing the piano in the highest peak of emotional state or being at the very edge of the stage nearly falling into the audience’s arms is amazing in its intensity. This expressivity is infectious and you can’t but sing and feel together with him. Speaking right from his heart, the charismatic singer-guitarist-keyboardist works his magnetic voice perfectly which in live environment sounds distinctly alluring, no matter what shade it acquires.

Being as artistic and enthusiastic on the stage as Editors are attributes to the kind of performance as if there’s no tomorrow and the world will end right after the show. From the beginning to the end it’s a top performance of a top band and a journey to a parallel universe. At a smaller venue like Izvestia Hall Editors’ energy could be felt especially keenly, fully, overflowing and off-scale, taking no prisoners and without looking back.

Seeing the band who rock the likes of Glastonbury at a rather intimate environment and experiencing their intense performance at the absolute maximum is indeed a great treat. If you need over-the-top feelings, burning passion and total union of the band and the audience, welcome to Editors’ show: all of these, and much more, will be there in abundance.

Concert photo: Olga Polomoshnova

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