Concert stories /// Brutality Will Prevail @ Theatre /// Moscow /// 05.09.2013

Brutality Will Prevail 2013

Intimate, small shows are always special and if you’ve been to one, you know what I mean. Fancy an intimate show hosted by the Welsh own kings of hardcore Brutality Will Prevail? Moscow audience had a chance to experience it on 5th September at Theatre and this was, may I assure you, a spectacle to behold, so buckle up.

The year 2013 has been rather eventful for Brutality Will Prevail so far. A change in the vocal line followed by relentless touring that brought Brutality Will Prevail not only around the UK and Europe, but also as far as Australia and Japan couldn’t but take the band on a brand-new level. A ten-date string of shows in Russia and Ukraine was a solid addition to the their map of mass destruction and conquest.

Brutality Will Prevail tour poster RussiaIt’s already well past ten when all the Russian bands finish preparing the audience for the main spot of the night and Brutality Will Prevail start their quick tuning. The excitement is in the air and it can be seen from knowing grins on the faces of hardcore enthusiasts and stretching exercises in the corners so as to prepare for the mosh of the night.

When the first chords from Brutality Will Prevail shake the floors and the walls of the venue, the madness begins. Mosh pits and circle pits don’t stop for a second and the excited audience get in turns on the small, low stage to sing together with Louis, preferably into his mic and in the quantity of at least five people per mic, so the mess seems to be happening everywhere. Those not willing to risk the safety of their bones get to the back and nod in accordance with smashing melodies marching mightily from the stage and leaving everything in ruins behind them.

Brutality Will Prevail are on fire and they set the audience on the same raging fire, but the crowd is more than just willing to lose their minds. Bursting gunfire of the drums and deep assault of the bass with mass blows of two guitars create the chaos, but the chaos you’d love and beg to be caught into. It seems that when Brutality Will Prevail got on the stage, they unleashed a vigorous hardcore ghost that got implanted in everyone present and set them into action to be able to match the band’s energy. Even though there was no ghost, it worked really well between the band and the audience anyway, and this unity in the heat of the moment was absolutely priceless.

The Brutality Will Prevail storm didn’t last long but as any storm, it left a long-lasting, firmly imprinted impression from this loud, crazy mosh pit of a show in everyone’s hearts. On a gloomy, rainy, windy day as 5th September was, getting warmed up and crazy in the company of Brutality Will Prevail was the best option.

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