Band of the week /// Kasabian


We all love rock stars with attitude, don’t we? Bands who make music with love for the art and a fiery, bold rebellious spirit that splash out of every song they write are always great fun to have around. Kasabian have been bringing this fun of music to us for over a decade and this September their debut, self-titled release celebrates its 9th birthday.

Initially destined for big things, Kasabian made a great start with their eponymous debut back in 2004, which set the ball well rolling to only bring the outfit where they belong: sold-out arenas and top slots at the best festivals all over the world. No matter where Kasabian play, it’s always an ecstatic, huge and totally deprived of any form of self-control spectacle: when this fireball of a band sets into action, nothing can stop it. Having toured so much that even the wicked who have no rest would turn green with envy, Kasabian have built their success stone by stone and they owe their superstar status to no one, but themselves.

The same unstoppable march is also true about Kasabian’s studio releases. Raising the stakes with each album anew and actually getting where they aim, Kasabian took time to prepare their explosions and set them off massively when they were ready. It’s also part of their game – always chase better and bigger things, shoot higher every time and never ever stop. In this fervour of a chase, these risk-takers and fun-lovers have never opted for easy ways, but preferred to make the path themselves and where it suits them.

With enough confidence and talent to beat anyone, Kasabian trod their path to success in a good old way: hard work, hard work again, more hard work. Add here rock ‘n’ roll riotous spirit; a mentality of a gang, not just a band, formed when Kasabiant started and shaped during the work at their debut at a farm in Leicester; and desire, as well the guts, to be different from the rest and you’ll get the rock stars of the new generation with the ethics of a band from the past. You do love them, don’t you?

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