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New Killer Shoes 2

Birmingham lot New Killer Shoes have unleashed a very special treat for their devotees: an acoustic album ‘I Ain’t Even Plugged In’ which is the stripped back version of their record ‘I Ain’t Even Lyin’‘ with the addition of two brand-new tracks. Acoustic rock ‘n’ roll courtesy of New Killer Shoes is an intense and alluring affair which will hardly leave you unimpressed, so after charming their fans with several live acoustic numbers at the shows, New Killer Shoes decided to release the whole album worth of these gems. The band told Rock Britain about ‘I Ain’t Even Plugged In’, best show of the summer and bad music taste.

– New Killer Shoes have released an acoustic album ‘I Ain’t Even Plugged In’. How did you like unplugging your electric songs and making them so stripped back?

– It was a good laugh, all of the songs were sort of written on acoustic anyway, so it was quite easy to get to grips with the style!

– Why did you decide to record an acoustic album in the first place?

– After playing a few acoustic shows, it seemed that our acoustic set was winning over a lot of new fans. We just thought it would be great for them to have an album full of the stuff that they like.

– How did the recordings for this album go? What were the biggest challenges while working at the new versions of the songs?

– The recording process was a pleasure! We worked really well with the producer Baz. Stripping back the drums seemed to be quite a challenge as we’re just so used to having pretty rockin’ beats on our tracks! But the drummer Ricky did a great job as per usual!

– How would you describe the atmosphere of ‘I Ain’t Even Plugged In’?

– Still full of energy but mellow at times, filled with a hint of groove.

– There are two new songs on the album as well: ‘Hypocrite’ and ‘I Ain’t Got A Chick’. How were these two numbers born?

– ‘Hypocrite’ was an electric track that actually never made the first album. And ‘I Ain’t Got A Chick’ was a song that was an idea for a while, that we always wanted to get going. We just thought that it was apt for the acoustic album.

– Have you got a favourite acoustic album/song by other bands/musicians?

– We’ve always loved the electric bands that do unplugged stuff i.e Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Oasis, Clapton etc.

– New Killer Shoes have a string of live dates in October. How are you planning to make these shows memorable?

– We have a few things up our sleeves! Just wait and see.. It’s going to be a show!!

– What, do you think, is the biggest attraction of New Killer Shoes’ live shows?

– We think it’s down to the massive amount of raw energy that comes from the stage and of course a good song helps!

– What’s the best show you’ve been to recently?

– Download Festival!

– Which song best describes your attitude to life?

– Queens Of The Stone Age – ‘Go With The Flow’.

– Have you got any guilty music pleasures?

– No, we’re all very proud of our bad musical taste.

– What are your plans for the future?

– We all want a mansion each, with a personal subway in the kitchen (the food type) and loads of cars and models….

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October Tour

Edinburgh – Thursday Oct 3 – The Voodoo Rooms
Manchester – Saturday Oct 5 – Gorilla
Birmingham – Sunday Oct 6 – The HMV Institute
London – Tuesday Oct 8 – The Half Moon


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