Theatre night out /// We Will Rock You @ Dominion Theatre /// London /// 12.08.2013

We Will Rock You

When songs from the past are still relevant in the present and, moreover, create the buzz not less than upon their release, it does tell you a lot about the band. Queen’s songs belong to exactly this category of ever-lasting and never-getting-old songs. For years after the band released their last studio album in the original line-up, their music has always been around: on radio, TV, Internet, performed by numerous tribute bands and in the theatre. ‘We Will Rock You’ by Ben Elton – a musical based on Queen’s songs – is among many reincarnations of the band’s back catalogue.

It started its triumphant run in London in 2002 and until now this show attracts thousands of people to Dominion Theatre every week to see the unforgettable performance and to get the chance to hear and sing the so-loved songs once again. If you are in London and want an unforgettable night out, go and see ‘We Will 2013-08-12 18.41.56Rock You’ and it’ll be a night to remember.

Bright and dynamic performance revolves around the disappearance of rock music and instruments (with all these being basically banned) and the domination of mass, mainstream ‘culture’ imposed on faceless, shallow society. It’s encouraged and approved when everyone thinks the same, has no opinion of their own and listens to the same synthetically-produced music. However, there are always those who rebel and voice their real opinion. They’re a passionate minority against a robotic majority, but they do make a difference and the riot begins – the mighty quest to find the last instrument buried somewhere on Planet Mall, which will bring rock music back to life. It’s not gonna be an easy fight, but those with passion and love for music – the dreamers – win in the end.

Containing all the amazing songs – ‘Radio GaGa’, ‘I Want To Break Free’, ‘Hammer To Fall’, ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘Headlong’, ‘Under Pressure’, ‘A Kind Of Magic’ and, of course, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, the performance has numerous moments to take your breath away. But honestly, you are more likely to sit for the whole of the night at the edge of your seat, cheering for Galileo, Scaramouche and The Bohemians, keeping your fingers crossed for them and singing along together with the actors with smiles on your lips and, probably, tears in your eyes…

Even though it’s a light and engaging performance, there’s also a message – an important one: take care of music and musicians who play their instruments and make real, rock music, buy albums, go to shows and don’t get tricked by shallow, commercial one-hit wonders. Real music is the treasure we have and we are lucky to yet have, so we need to be appreciative. Support music, remember Queen and don’t forget to dream, of course.

Theatre photo by Olga Polomoshnova

We Will Rock You Official Website


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