Face to face with Dolomite Minor

Dolomite Minor

If you like your music sleek, with dirty riffs and dark, intense sexuality that will send continuous chills down your spine, welcome to the world of Dolomite Minor. A two-piece, who have played small venues around the UK alongside Reading & Leeds and T In The Park to meet equally enthusiastic response, are well on their way to big things. Rock Britain caught up with Max and Joe and asked them a few questions.

– What’s the story behind Dolomite Minor’s formation?

Joe:  We began jamming blues together about 4 years ago, and then evolved to write our own material. We’ve been playing solid gigs ever since, which now seems to be paying off!

This summer was massive for you: you played Reading & Leeds and T In The Park. How has this experience of playing such huge festivals been for you?

Max: A bit surreal, it all happened so quickly, i wouldn’t have thought a year ago i’d be playing them festivals so soon, i always thought “yeah maybe 10 years down the line fingers crossed we might make it onto the introducing stage” so it’s great. We had a good crowd for all the festivals. Reading festival was easily our best gig we’ve ever played.

Joe: It’s amazing that we have the opportunity to play these festivals, and it is nice to have a big stage to work with.

– Whose performances impressed you most of all at R&L and T In The Park?

Max: I saw Biffy and Nine inch Nails, they were both amazing. Biffy put on such an amazing live performance and it was probably my 10th time seeing them.

Joe: The Family Rain played a great set.

– Recently you’ve released a new track ‘Let Me Go’. How was this song born? What was the source of inspiration for it?

Joe: It was quite a quick song in terms of writing, I wrote it in a few hours, whereas some of our songs take months to complete. In terms of inspiration, I guess the lyrics were based on the idea of going to some secret club gig, with a few references to things we like; Jack Daniels and Kurt Cobain. Musically, it’s bluesy, with a stoner-esque riff.

– Are you planning any EP/album releases in the nearest future? 

Joe: We’ve been recording a number of songs on the Isle of Wight recently, so we’ll release them gradually over the coming months.

– What’s your secret to a great, memorable live show?

Max: Just put all your effort you physically can into the performance, and always end it with a bang.

 What would you write on your tour poster to invite people to see you play live? 

Dark fuzz blues, two piece, need we say much more? 

Which famous person would you like to see most of all in the audience at your live show? Why?

Max: Dave Grohl would be crazy for me because he’s always been my hero.

Joe: Josh Homme, Jack White, Billy Gibbons, just guitar tone pioneers really, because if they approve, you know you’re doing something right.

– How did you get into music at all?

Joe: Hearing Hendrix and Cream for the first time made me want to play guitar.

– What’s the most unusual thing that’s ever inspired you to write a song? 

Joe: I tend to write better if it’s raining, especially at night.

How have Dolomite Minor evolved as a band since the release of your debut EP?

Max: Taken a darker and heavier route in songwriting.

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Upcoming live shows

28 Sept – Ringmaster Festival – Worcester, UK
05 Oct – Lennons – Southampton, UK

4 Responses to “Face to face with Dolomite Minor”
  1. That might be the greatest band name ever 🙂

  2. eva6kora says:

    Great interview. I’ve seen them open for The Lost Souls Club more than a year ago and they have come such a long way since! We all thought: Wow! when we saw them live, so it was obvious they were going to go far! Best of luck to them.

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