Independent outlook /// The Diamond Noise ‘Do You Like Me Too?’ [EP] 2013

The Diamond Noise

If you think that rock ‘n’ roll is dead, think twice. Or better give a listen to the London-based The Diamond Noise’s EP ‘Do You Like Me Too?’ and hear for yourself: rock ‘n’ roll is as alive and kicking on this indeed diamond EP as it has never been.

After taking a small winter break in writing, The Diamond Noise returned in the summer with an apocalypse-inspired single ‘Catastrophic’ – a follow-up to 2012’s highly successful tracks ‘Never Say Never Say Never’ and ‘Yippie Yeah’. The single was only the beginning in The Diamond’s Noise return and the autumn release ‘Do You Like Me Too?’ EP is the next big step for the quartet. Are you ready?

The Diamond Noise don’t waste any time in showing what they are about musically and strike straight away with the massive opener ‘Are You Ready’. This whirlwind pace keeps on raging throughout all the five tracks of ‘Do You Like Me Too?’, slowing down just a bit for a title track ‘Do You Like Me Too?’, and seriously challenges your ability to match this kind of fervour and zeal.

The musicianship on the EP oozes great confidence, bold attitude and explosive character and this is more than slightly arresting. Dirty, loud riffs, delivered with a sexy and sinister air about them take control of the EP (and your mind) and turn it into a blazing blast in the night sky. If you want to feel the spirit of this EP to the full, turn up the volume really loud and have the time of your life.

Described as “twisted love triangle of one obsessive arcade addict, an unsuspecting fruit machine, and her possessive psychotic owner”, the EP is the immediate attention and mind grabber. The Diamond Noise ask you: do you like me too? Will you dare to say “no” to this question after you’ve experienced this band’s powerhouse of music? I don’t think so. The Diamond Noise will seduce you with their passionate, impressive melodies and you will be more than willing to give in to their mercy.

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