Face to face with Catfish And The Bottlemen

Catfish And The Bottlemen

Let me introduce your next most favourite band. With proper rock ‘n’ roll sound, attitude and personalities, Catfish And The Bottlemen are a special talent of today. With two official single releases under their belts – ‘Homesick’ and ‘Rango’, recent signing to Communion Records and bringing their energetic live shows all over the UK, Catfish are wasting no time in conquering more and more listeners.The band’s frontman Van McCann shares it all.

– The past few months have been very big for Catfish And The Bottlemen. How have things been with you, gentlemen, after signing to Communion, releasing your debut single ‘Homesick’ and playing so many great shows?
– It’s been a mad couple of months eh???? Things have been amazing, we all feel the best we’ve ever felt in our lives! everything’s really exciting at the minute and so many people are really committing to the band and the songs! feels great that people are actually feeling something from it all!

– September 16th sees the release of your second single ‘Rango’. Why did you decide to go for releasing singles rather than EPs at this stage in your career?
– To be honest the plan was actually to do an EP, so we went in and recorded 4 songs with Ian and the label came down to the sessions and listened to the tracks and just turned around and said “fuck, these are all singles!” so after that the plan kind of changed! It was nice to hear that because we’ve always tried to churn out songs as opposed to album tracks you know? We wanted everything we put out to be single worthy, nothing too deep you know?

– You appeared at Reading & Leeds. How was that experience for you? Whose performances impressed you most of all?
– It was mad! we’d never been to Reading the place never mind playing a gig there, never mind playing the festival! it was class seeing so many people there that we had no idea had even heard of us! I had a nightmare though, I went through 3 guitars in 1 gig cause everything kept breaking on me so I had to blag a lot of it! Billy our guitar player impressed me the most cause his ass looked exceptional in the jeans he had on.

– What are your favourite events to play: smaller headline shows or huge open-air festivals?
– Definitely headline shows! To be honest I’ve always liked being wedged in between two bands, you know like main support? I like the idea of having to try and work your ass off to top the band before you and then setting the bar for the band after you! But yeah, Little sweatboxes are my bag, I don’t really connect with festivals as much! I like being able to interact with people personally.

– What’s the most important thing for you in your live performance?
– Energy and making everything click as much as possible I think? I’m really fortunate because the lads really hold the fort musically and give me freedom to cause a bit of havoc onstage! Making sure everything sounds enormous is our main focus though!

– How would you describe your feelings while being onstage?
– Horny, always very very horny!

– Catfish And The Bottlemen tour a lot. How does travelling so much influence you as a person and as a musician?
– I’ve been travelling since I was born really so it’s pretty much been my life! My Mum and Dad ran off to Australia and had me and we pretty much just travelled my whole life, like vagabonds or something! So I got disciplined really early on, got used to not missing home anymore, or really having one! I kind of get homesick when I’m not on the road on anymore, almost like the vans home!

– You once said that you make night-time music. What’s the most comfortable time for you to write music at then? What are your top albums to listen to at night?
– All my best stuff lyrically always comes at about 3/4am! I’m not much of a sleeper really so I’m always up writing or listening to tunes. I listen to a lot of Stephen Fretwell, he’s like a modern Dylan to me, every time I listen to him he makes me wanna write! Van Morrison aswell, he always paints the night in a very nice light man!

– If you could go back in time and be a music listener in any epoch for a while, which epoch would you choose and why?
– I’d go back to about 100million years ago, I wouldn’t mind listening to some Dyno tunes! I’d be pretty intrigued to hear some of the tunes they were making!

– Which moment in Catfish And The Bottlemen career are you most proud of so far?
– We’ve had so many, we feel so wide-eyed to everything at the minute so everything seems like it’s the best thing we’ve ever done! SkySports played us after a game the other day and we were absolutely buzzing about that! Me and our Guitarist are massive United fans and we got told that they played us before kick off the other day in the ground, we were supposed to be at the game too so if I was there I think I would’ve got naked and head butted a baby or something!

– What’s the best thing about being in Catfish And The Bottlemen?

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4 Responses to “Face to face with Catfish And The Bottlemen”
  1. eva6kora says:

    Haha! Brilliant as always! Absolutely love this interview, love these guys and their music!! x

  2. Garry Urwin says:

    Really good interview Olga, I enjoyed it and you have Inspired me to go see them live… 🙂

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