Band of the week /// Electric River

Electric River

Strong beats, Big guitars, Catchy melodies and poignant lyrics that work in a blend of Rock, Punk & Soul.

Electric River on the band’s sound

London-based Electric River are not novice on the music scene. Rooting from as far as 2004, Electric River came alive in their drummer’s garage and have been making electric music waves since then. “We were just kids when we started, and are young men now. We have always tried to write the best songs we can & play the best live shows possible. This shared attitude is a continual milestone that we strive to maintain”.

With music backgrounds embracing punk, rock, metal and pop, Electric River melted all of the influences and created their own sound – energetic, tight, full of zest – and captured it in catchy songs with sharp edges meant to be sung along to and have the time of your life to. “We pay massive attention to our lyrics and the songs come from an honest place. We’re a band that has tried to learn its craft inside out & have always continued to push ourselves”.  And they do know their craft perfectly indeed. Close, intimate musicianship makes Electric River’s music sound truly special, but it can’t be otherwise with such a longevity as theirs.

The year 2013 has been a big one for Electric River. Working at their newest album, which the band are really excited about and planning to release in 2014, with producer Pete Miles (We Are The Ocean, Sonic Boom Six) and playing a great number of live shows in the UK and Europe have definitely been amongst the highlights. Moreover, this summer saw Electric River stretch the borders of their concert geography and took the outfit to Mighty Sounds festival in the Czech Republic. “We were fortunate enough to stay out for the duration of the festival & meet some bands we really like – i.e. The Menzingers, Jaya The Cat, Skindred. The people were extremely kind & it was a great experience to share with them”.

Other live summer highlights for Electric River included Rebellion Festival (“absolutely mental”), tour with Australian outfit The Terraces (“one hell of a party”) which culminated at Beautiful Days Festival (“The whole vibe was great for that tour and it was brilliant to finish it all off on the Main Stage. Again, a great festival atmosphere, good people, and great selection of live music”.)

I was lucky to catch Electric River live at Camden Underworld in London on 10th August and that was indeed a show to behold. The passion of their live performance and the musicians’ charisma shining to its absolute maximum on stage make it impossible to stay away from clapping, dancing, arms-waving and headbanging. That’s how Electric River explain their live shows ethics: “Have a great time, play tight & make sure the crowd feel involved”. Now, have you got any doubts left as to whether you’d like to experience this band live or not?

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