Feature /// China Rats ‘Don’t Play With Fire’ [EP] 2013

China Rats

Throw together inspirations from punk rock and only the best classic British guitar rock bands, melt them, shake well and there storm out China Rats with their guitar punk rock of high voltage and great talent. Taking care to write real, guitar tunes rather than something you just can dance to, China Rats create the music which is timeless.

Formed in 2011, the Leeds outfit got into BBC Introducing playlist with the track ‘N.O.M.O.N.E.Y’, which at that time was a demo, only a year after formation. The same track now opens China Rats’ EP ‘Don’t Play With Fire’ – a glorious five-track affair of pure music pleasure for those who like it sharp, loud and original.

Punky beats are driven by overpowering guitars, have rough edges, but run smooth after being inspired by the band’s listening to Leonard Cohen’s recordings. Sharp, witty, tongue in cheek lyrics are sure to click with young people all over the world. To top it all, ‘Don’t Play With Fire’ fully captures the way China Rats sound live, which is absolutely precious in itself: it gives you an idea why numerous festival crowds were brought to their knees under the mighty spell of China Rats’ frenzied performances.

The famous 2012 Benicassim Festival had an ultimate experience of China Rats’ live energy. Booked for playing the small Villa Camp stage the day before the main event, China Rats produced the effect of mass explosion and it was a great shame the main stage was deprived of such a sonic pleasure. However, the next day Bat For Lashes pulled out and for second night in a row China Rats exploded Benicassim – the main stage this time.

While the debut EP ‘To Be Like I’ released in 2012 was the mighty blow that got the ball rolling, ‘Don’t Play With Fire’ is meant to push this unstoppable march even further winning more admirers along the way. And this seems to be only the beginning for China Rats…

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