Face to face with In Dynamics

In Dynamics

In Dynamics are among the brightest up-and-coming bands the UK has to offer. Their alternative rock is  addictive and full of melody with summer vibes and a great deal of confidence. In August In Dynamics released their EP ‘Circle’ and Rock Britain talked to the collective about the record and other interesting things. 

– Your EP ‘Circle’ has been out for a while and the reaction to it has been great! How are you feeling in the centre of all this buzz around the band?

– ‘Circle’ is our debut EP and honestly, none of us knew how it would be received. Although we all had huge amounts of faith in the tracks, we were still nervous on the release, as we had zero outside opinion bar our Producer. The response we got was overwhelming. It’s so rewarding to know that people share the same passion for your music as you do, critics and fans alike.

– How was the EP born? What was the starting point of it and how did it evolve while your working at it?

– The three of us have being writing together for years now and feel like it has been a necessary amount of time to develop and understand the music we wanted to play. That’s really when the EP was born. When we felt we had created something special that deserved professional production and was worthy of the money/time we invested.

– What are your highlights of the recording process for ‘Circle’? How did you like working with Chris Coulter?

– Chris is amazing to work with, we are very lucky to have found a producer who fully understands what we want to achieve and on top of that, is devoted to making the tracks sound as exciting as they can be. For all of us, the highlight of the recording process was hearing the tracks back, mixed and mastered for the first time. We had expectations of how they were going to sound, but none of them matched what Chris came back with!

– How did you enjoy your August tour? What are your greatest memories from it?

– The August tour was amazing! We got to visit a lot of new places we hadn’t played before like Bath, Reading, and Wakefield; and were humbled by the response we received from the crowds there. We will definitely go back! The tour was dual headlined by us and Archean Soundtrack; an amazing pop/hip hop band from London. As we are new to touring, we still find ourselves slightly unprepared in the nuts and bolts of it and it can all get very stressful but in the company of Archean Soundtrack, it’s pretty hard to be down. They are such genuine guys and we will remain friends for sure!

– What can you compare the feelings while performing on stage with?

– That’s a tough question because honestly, it’s a pretty unique feeling. We get an incredible buzz out of it, and a deep satisfaction from playing our music to people who understand and enjoy it. Hopefully we’ll get to keep doing it for years to come.

– What is the songwriting process like in In Dynamics?

– We don’t have any fixed way of our writing but normally Beau will come in with some ideas and we’ll structure them and piece them together in practice, or Jack will have written something that goes together nicely with something Beau has and we build the song that way. We usually try 3 or 4 different versions of every song before we’re satisfied.

– While writing music, what are the most important things for you?

– We only write the kind music that we want to play. We do bare other things in mind like whether we think people will like it, but if the song doesn’t excite us we just aren’t interested, no matter what anyone else might advise.

– How did you get acquainted with music in general? What’s your first music memory?

– We have been interested in music as long as we can remember and have been playing from a young age. It’s pretty much how the three of us met. We were the only keen musicians at our school so it was quite natural for us to become friends! We still remember what we ate when we first met up to jam together…. It was smiley faces.

– How does music change you and the world around you?

– Music is what we thrive on, and has shaped us into who we are. It definitely continues to change us every day, as we discover and expand our capabilities, and also as we experience more of life.

– What’s your main life principle?

– Be true and honest to yourself and others around you.

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