Gettin to know /// False-Heads

False-Heads make some quality alternative tunes sure to appeal to those who like their music with character and identity. Drawing their influences from the likes of The Pixies, Nirvana, Joy Division and Sex Pistols to name a few, False-Heads deserve your attention as one of the most charismatic underground bands in and around London. False-Heads’ songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Luke Griffiths introduces the band.
– Your EP ‘Tunnel Vision’ has been out for a while. How do you feel about this EP?
– Yeah it’s been out for a few months now. The response has been brilliant and we just gotta keep going with it. We are actually getting it re-mixed and mastered by a small label ‘Decca Tree Recordings’. We like the mixes but there’s a few bits we’d like changes to we might do a re-launch again or something, we aren’t too sure. But I really like the songs on the EP and we had fun with it, especially ‘Comfort Consumption’ with the strings and everything.
– Why did you decide to give it away totally for free? What do you think are the ups and downs of Internet for up-and-coming bands?
– We just didn’t see the point of charging for it. We want people to listen to it and have it to listen to so I don’t see the point of charging for it. I don’t really get when bands as small as us make people pay for their stuff. I can’t see us charging for our stuff for a long time really. We just want people to have it.
The ups of the internet is that hypothetically you can reach a lot of people very quickly but in reality it’s completely saturated. Almost every new band is an internet band and it does kinda saturate the whole thing and it definitely has had a bad effect on the live scene. However, it does have a lot of tools at your disposal so that is an upside.
– Looking back, how have False-Heads changed as a band since formation?
– The original band and demos weren’t taken seriously and were a mess really. I couldn’t play my instrument haha I started writing songs after about 3 months of playing guitar. Now, the songs are much better and we take it a bit more seriously now. The formation has changed but the band that we are now is essentially a different band, we just didn’t want to a find a new name and the guys I jammed with before uni didn’t mind if we kept the name so we did.
– What’s the highlight of the band’s life so far as you see it?
– Hmm I don’t know, we’re still obviously very young and haven’t properly gone for it yet ¬†(because of university) but I suppose getting unsigned band single of the week from Q Radio. It was just quite a decent feat for a band absolutely no one has heard of.
– What’s your main approach to making music?
– I’ll just fuck around on the guitar playing songs I like or noodle around on it and come up with a riff and then put the rest of the song to it and then take it to Jake (who recently joined) who will put his guitar parts down and then I’ll take it to the rest of the band and we will just jam on it. I don’t ever like forcing a song so if I really can’t think of anything I’ll wait until I can instead of putting something to it that I don’t really like. In terms of lyrics I honestly don’t really know haha they will usually just be just from stuff I’ve seen or felt. I don’t like writing lyrics that are really easy to guess what they are about.
– What inspired you to become a musician and form a band in the first place?
– Probably the first artists I ever got into. Nirvana, Pixies, Radiohead, Sex Pistols and Bob Dylan were the first artists that made me want to write songs and play guitar. Also the state of music at the minute. Not just pop music but the state of rock. I think it’s in a really bad way at the minute and I’d like to see it change.
– What’s your most favourite album of all times?
– Ah it’s difficult to say. Of all time it’s probably out of ‘Nevermind’ by Nirvana, ‘OK Computer’ by Radiohead and ‘XO’ by Elliott Smith. But who knows it could change.

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