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Muse 2013

When in need to cite the best rock band of our times, the name of Muse is amongst the first ones to spring to mind. The English trio offer space-size alternative rock, stunning live performances equalling to alternative universe and have constant desire to carry out experiments most don’t even dare to think of. That’s how we know Muse now. But things weren’t always like that.

When Muse started out in the far-away 1994 with the intention to become the greatest rock band in the world, it took them a while to even make the first step on that ladder. Total indifference was amongst the most common reactions to their early live performances around their hometown of Teignmouth. But Muse didn’t give up and continued persevering. After numerous shows played, showcases arranged and people met and contacted, Muse impressed the American Maverick, who saw the potential of the band and offered them a deal sane people wouldn’t normally refuse.

With good financial backing and total creative freedom Muse set to work at their debut album with John Leckie and Paul Reeve. ‘Showbiz’ landed in the UK on 4th October 1999 to mixed reaction from press and fans alike. No, Muse weren’t bad at all. On the contrary, they were too good and progressive for those times and most simply didn’t get the grandeur and the special talent of the trio. Huge melodies driven by outer space feel and music explosions the size of Vesuvius eruptions sounded too bold and unashamedly confident, but Muse knew what they were doing.

This progressive thinking in music was the main reason why Muse’s management put special priority on the band playing live shows, rather than trying to get them on the radio. The band’s performances were (and still are) the territory where few can rival Muse in the level of energy, stage presence and creativity. Prior to the release of ‘Showbiz’ Muse played in France for not more than 500 people. However, when they returned there to support ‘Showbiz’, the demand doubled and resulted in hundreds not being able to get tickets to their shows, higher album sales than in many other countries and hysteria close to the mass one.

Now when Muse sell out stadiums and release platinum records, it’s hard to believe ‘Showbiz’ failed to chart at respectable places and was received with generally reserved reaction. But Muse didn’t mean to change the world straight with album № 1. ‘Showbiz’ was merely the sign of their arrival and the mechanism that set the legend into action.

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