Feature /// Editors: Rebirth


The bands who strive to always stay exciting, challenge their audiences and not to use the same tactics that brought them success over and over again are precious. You can always rely on such bands in delivering quality albums with unexpected twists over the course of years. You can always rely on Editors in releasing such albums. The year 2013 has been very important for Editors in many ways. The release of their new studio effort ‘The Weight Of Your Love’ marked the whole rebirth of the Birmingham outfit. And it might not have come out at all…

When Editors finished their tour in support of ‘In This Light And On This Evening’ and went to the studio to record a follow-up to the experimental, synths-driven record, something felt wrong. It was in the air, but the band couldn’t understand what was going on. The chemistry between the musicians seemed to be vanishing every day and the days were growing darker. After a while a radical, heartbreaking, but necessary solution was found: due to creative differences guitarist Chris Urbanowicz was asked to leave the band. No matter how tough it was for the band and their fans, it turned out to be exactly what they needed to save Editors.

The addition of two new members instead of one was a move bold as well as efficient. Elliott Williams and Justin Lockey on keys and guitar respectively became a breath of fresh air as both musicians brought in new ideas and sound with them. While working at ‘The Weight Of Your Love’ in Nashville Editors bonded with each other anew and creative process was fun again. Ideas were flying around, inspiration went off scale and the musicians fell in love with creative process all over again.

This special thrill of making music can be sensed in ‘The Weight Of Your Love’ vividly. Musicianship on the album strikes as absolutely exceptional and powerful. ‘The Weight Of Your Love’ is a purely collaborative effort when all the band contributed ideas to make the record better, while previously the reins of creative process were in the hands of Tom Smith and Chris Urbanowicz. Editors wanted to return to their rock roots, but not to record another ‘The Back Room’ or ‘An End Has A Start’. Thus, they went for minimalistic rock sound with orchestral flavour, direct songwriting and deep, hypnotic vocal performance from Tom Smith. This album is effortless in its elegant, majestic flow and glows with love for music.

The most horrifying thing for any artist is the lack of inspiration while working at music. Needless to say, this is the beginning of an end. Tom Smith once said that he would be terrified of sticking to one and the same formula of writing music. On finding themselves in crisis, which also rose out of falling into the rut, Editors did everything to save the band. Now we know: these lads are strong enough to get out of the worst soup ever.

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