Track by track /// The Sea | The Sea ‘Sub Rosa’ [EP] 2013

The Sea The Sea

Oxford talent The Sea | The Sea released their EP ‘Sub Rosa’ on October 7th. Dreamy, ethereal flavour of ‘Sub Rosa’ will take you to another world where music leads the way and music palette is rich and enchanting. Matthew Clarkson takes the role of the guide and leads us through the soundscapes of ‘Sub Rosa’.

‘These Shadows’ is perhaps the first song we wrote as a full band. It just about predates ‘The Winter Parade’, which was the final of the four free demo singles released in 2012. ‘These Shadows’ has always been a favourite of ours to play live, and in the months running up to the recording of ‘Sub Rosa’ we decided to revamp it; extending the middle section and changing the vocal melody completely in the chorus. Vocally the verse is an attack of words, the rhythm being as important as the lyrics, before the chorus opens up and the falsetto finds space above the instrumentation.

‘System Sleep’ was the homemade b-side to our second demo single, ‘Waterfall’. It had a completely different outro which we decided to change (we might yet make a song out of that original outro). Lyrically it addresses anxiety and the difficulty in switching off. The song builds until the very last vocal line, which offers a kind of release from the quite intense introspection of the preceding lyrics.

‘What Came Before’, along with ‘Anemone’, are our newest songs. The rhythm pushes this song along, with the vocal and guitar offering melodic flourishes that have an almost disorientating effect. This song takes off after chorus two and intensity takes over until the end.

‘Anemone’ was written entirely during a rehearsal, which is not usually how we write. It’s post-rock and pop in equal measure, with a build after chorus one that drops for the start of verse two, before building up again until the end. The lyric focuses on the sensual, though it’s certainly not meant to be a hedonistic song. ‘Anemone’ marks the end of both the ep and our set when we perform live.

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