Band of the week /// OneGirlOneBoy


I think no matter what, you have to be able to feel a song. If a listener can feel what an artist is saying then I think that is when you’ve hit the nail on the head as an artist.

Natasha Miller

Nottingham duo OneGirlOneBoy are way beyond your usual understanding of a music unit. Combining unconventional songwriting and very creative approach, the band make diverse music which is always soulful and original.

Natasha Miller and Chris Howarth met via playing in the band called Patchwork Grace together. Already at that time they wrote music differently from the usual canons of rock and got the idea to start their own project. That was the beginning of OneGirlOneBoy. “There’s nowhere to hide in OneGirlOneBoy – everything is on us, so there’s more pressure in everything!” – says Natasha Miller of swapping a several-piece band for a duo. “But it’s a good kind of pressure and it’s great to be able to do anything and experiment with sound and vision without 4 different opinions”. From the beginning OneGirlOneBoy didn’t set any particular genres to stick to, but just let their music evolve naturally. Having the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age, Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie and even some pop artists in their playlists, Natasha and Chris were sure to turn this flow into something original.

Ambitious and creative as they are, OneGirlOneBoy aim at pushing the boundaries of music sensations to the limit. Their eponymous EP released in June shows it perfectly. “We had been writing sometime before we came up with the name, and an EP was our first chance to showcase various things we’d done”, – explains Natasha. “So we had some tracks that we’d done everything for like ‘Beautiful Mess’ and ‘Sylvia’, then worked with Gavin Monaghan on ‘Wasted’ and ‘Dirty Town’, and Ibiza Rocks resident DJ Nicola Bear remixed a track; so it was nice to have an eclectic product with an introduction as to what’s to come”.

This seven-track EP is diverse and shows several sides of OneGirlOneBoy’s talent with more to discover. This is the record that encapsulates the first half a year of this duo and gives a delicious taste of things to come which will leave you linger for more. “It’s quite dark lyrically but not so much that the songs are sad or too moody. Sound wise there are things we could have changed or stepped up but we wanted people to see OneGirlOneBoy in its development process and I think songs like ‘This One Boy’ remain my favourites because they remain in their rawest form” – says Natasha.  “We took inspiration from artists we were listening to at the time which varies quite a bit: everything from Fleetwood Mac to Queens of The Stone Age. We’re very happy with how it turned out and especially how people have reacted to having quite produced tracks and very raw tracks on the same EP”.

The new single ‘Dirty Town’ off the EP is set for release on 28th October. It’s one of the later songs written and recorded by the duo with inspirations from everyday life sure to click with lots of people. “The story behind ‘Dirty Town’ comes from living in a small town and just dreaming of bigger and better things, which made you a bit of an outsider; finally getting out and meeting people with the same ideals and dreams was a breath of fresh air for me as when you’re stuck in a place like that you begin to feel like you’re in the wrong for wanting more than a dead-end job”, – shares the source of inspiration for the track Natasha.

Live shows are another aspect to OneGirlOneBoy’s unique personality. It’s not only about the irresistible appeal they ooze during their performances, but also visuals that make each of their performances an absolutely surreal experience. “We just wanted to make playing live more of a show and everything is done on a shoe string so the visuals we use were just “what CAN we pull off at this stage?!” but we’d love this to evolve into something more”. And if they could do anything they wanted to? “The imagination runs wild! We’d love to have huge screens and light shows, piles of old TVs stacked up with images that correspond to the songs, orchestras and flamboyant outfits! Giant swings and carousels… but I think that will all come with time”.

Indeed, OneGirlOneBoy are the band to watch closely. Their talent multiplied by hard work and unconventional approach makes them a collective of a rare breed. “As long as we continue to evolve as a band and never settle, I think we’ll do alright. We put our heart and soul into everything we create, so I guess our philosophy is to just believe in what we’re doing in every respect”.

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