Face to face with Skeleton Kid

Skeleton Kid

Still upset that Motley Crue are going to call it a day? Dry those tears. UK has great heirs to the glory of the scandalous outfit with great music. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up to Skeleton Kid. Performing within the genre of shadow punk, Skeleton Kid will storm into your life and make themselves comfortable there with a glass of beer and some quality tunes. The band’s debut album ‘It’s A Funeral, Not A Fashion Statement’ landed in September and that’s what, and not only that, Skeleton Kid’s vocalist and bass player Timmy C told Rock Britain about.

– Your debut album ‘It’s A Funeral, Not A Fashion Statement’ is out. How would you introduce this album to music listeners?

– Well it’s taken us 2 years of being a band and a lineup change to really find our feet and where we belong, musically. This album is insanely dark, punk rock with some real heavy rock influence in there. For us, it’s like a showcase, finally, of what we’re about. We don’t think there are any fillers on the album, 9 songs that’ll smack you round the face with no forgiveness.

– With debut full-lengths being especially important, hod did you approach making this record?

– We had an EP out last year with 3 songs on it and we never really got to explore our sound or show off what we could do. With this album we wanted to really evolve and find the SK sound where we belong. We had a bunch of demos going into the studio which we really wanted to expand on and make huge, luckily we had a great producer in Tom Jobling that allowed us to do that. Our motto with music has always been, do what we want and bollocks to everyone that doesn’t get it. So this album is exactly that. And we like it.

– How does the artwork and the name of the album represent the music on the record?

– A lot of the songs on the record are about a relationship that’s broken down, whether that be romantic, friendship or family. There’s a lot of songs written in anger and spite, the name is pretty much a big fuck you to the people it’s about. Like, this is your funeral, it’s not a fake parade of emotions. The artwork was done by our friend Laura, obviously incorporates the fashion and funeral elements while the walking away from something pretty much sums up this record!

 – Where do you expect ‘It’s A Funeral, Not A Fashion Statement’ to take Skeleton Kid in your career?

– We hope that it will make some lovely people in a label to take notice so that we can travel around and play music and not see home for months. We live for the shows, that’s what it’s all about for us.

 – A live show by Skeleton Kid: what is it like to experience it for those in the audience?

– We’ve worked hard on our live show in the past few months, it’s definitely energetic, we’re not a band that can just stand still and play our instruments, we like the crowd to feel what the songs are about, we like a good sing along too, that’s fun.

– Have you got any particularly favourite songs to play live?

– All of the new ones off the album, basically! ‘Save Us Now’ and ‘You Army’ are fun as they’re quite faced pace and it’s not to get the crowd jumping a bit. ‘Miles From Home’ too as it’s a proper sing along song.

 – While on tour, how do you prefer preparing for your shows? Have you got any albums which you especially like listening to on a show day?

– I think we all have our own routines for preparing for shows on tour. It’s usually quite a drive between shows, so get there, chill out for an hour or so, have something to eat and a beer or 3. Then sound check, do makeup, vocal warm ups. I think if anyone heard our tour music they would instantly ban us from being a rock band. It basically consists of One Direction, Backstreet Boys, Pink and dodgy metal core covers of songs.

 – You’ve got pretty striking images. What inspired them?

– We wanted our image to reflect the subconscious fragmentation of the mind, inspired by the wistful melancholy of the day to day life. Either that or we just grew up on goth and punk rock.

 – If you could invite absolutely anyone to your ideal party, who would it be and why?

– Hitler and Churchill, to find out who would win in a game of chess. A friend to finger fuck in the background and Kim and Aggie to clean up afterwards. We’ll put a sheet down but there’s not much you can do past a certain point.

 – What’s the main philosophy of Skeleton Kid as a band?

– Do what we want, when we want and screw anyone else. It’s made us a few enemies along the way but hey you gotta stand up for what you believe in. If we don’t have that then we don’t have anything.

 – Where do you see Skeleton Kid ten years from now?

– Rehab. Just after supporting Motley Crue on a comeback tour.

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