Feature /// Deaf Havana ‘Old Souls’ [Album] 2013


In the far-away 2005 then-newbies Deaf Havana started making music for fun and went on exploring a mingle of punk and post-hardcore. Their debut album ‘Meet Me Halfway, At Least’ became a vivid showcase of this raw, youthful, aggressive energy. However, time went by and eventually the post-hardcore shoes became too small and uncomfortable for the promising collective.

The signs of change started appearing on Deaf Havana’s sophomore album ‘Fools And Worthless Liars’. Aggression moved to the background giving way to thought-out melody. Deaf Havana’s third record ‘Old Souls’ is highly likely the key stage in the transformation of an ex-hardcore band into a new alternative rock unit.

‘Old Souls’ is packed with melodious rock and a deep emotional context. It boasts rich, diverse instrumentation showcased on both – more energetic and mellower numbers. Acoustics, strings and live parts make a great addition to saturated, layered melodies. The dynamic character of the album was brought to life with help from producer Youth, who didn’t intervene much in the process, but subtly helped Deaf Havana get the best out of their sound.

Mature songwriting has a deep outlook of the experienced band who have seen life with all its ups and downs. Deaf Havana’s vocalist, guitarist and songwriter James Veck-Gilodi explained that for this album he’d told the stories about other people rather than his own like he used to and it’d lifted considerable emotional weight off his shoulders. There’s no surprise that these stories – mostly sad, but very moving and sincere – will touch upon various strings of human souls deeply.

Deaf Havana’s sonic evolution is also shown in how the bands they played with have changed. The collective went from sharing the stages with Enter Shikari, You Me At Six or Feeder to the likes of Muse and Bruce Springsteen – the gigs, which they’re extremely happy to be part of.  Such massive support slots, together with a brand-new music palette, helped the musicians to considerably expand their following – not only in terms of territory and number, but also age. The appearance of older fans who are more interested in melody, thoughtful lyrics, who value songs with meaning and soul and listen to music, simply because they love it, clearly shows the maturity of Deaf Havana and their appeal to wider audiences.

‘Old Souls’ is the album where Deaf Havana have felt the most comfortable with their sound so far. Basically, it’s what they’ve always wanted to sound like. Expressing themselves in the way they’re doing now gives the musicians great creative freedom and the feeling of being content with their place on the music scene. They are happy to find themselves in the niche they love and this can’t but show in the sound: delightfully effortless and mature.

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