Face to face with Welcome Pariah

Welcome Pariah

Southampton-based outfit Welcome Pariah are now making waves on the UK scene with their special breed of alternative rock. With an EP release scheduled for 22nd November, several line-up changes and a support slot with The Charlatans on 8th November, the prospects look very bright for the band. Welcome Pariah’s vocalist and guitarist Josh Butcher talks to Rock Britain about what the future holds.

– How long have you been doing what you’re doing and what have you been up to lately, gentlemen?

– We’ve been together for about two and a half years now; the majority of that time has been spent gigging and getting our name out there. We’ve met some great people and played some amazing shows, but these last two years have definitely been about finding our sound and the bands persona on stage. When you’re in a band, that’s what the early days are about, lately it’s been about recording an EP that really expresses who we are what we can do, it’s almost there!

– Your EP ‘Catch The Moment’ is set for release in November. What are the traits of this EP that make it stand out and noticeable?

– Well for starters it’s going to have 6 songs on it, which is quite a lot for an EP! But we want to show people how many strings we have to our bow, and we just couldn’t do that on a 3/4 track. There’s a lot going on this EP, we’re going to really surprise people with what we’re coming out with, we can do psychedelic, rock n roll, the 6 minute instrumentals, anything we put our minds to really so our mentality has been to experiment and try to include sounds that other bands in our genre just aren’t doing, not for the sake of it, but because we’re evolving that way.

– How did the work at the EP go – from the very beginning to the final stages?

– Very well, we’ve recorded a load of tracks before in other studios, but we’ve finally found the right producer that digs our music and knows how to make a track sound the bollocks.

– As the band that likes pushing themselves, what are the biggest challenges you’ve had to face whilst working on ‘Catch the Moment’? 

– None, we’re in good hands.

– What kind of musical experiments would you like to try out and what are the ones you’ll never do?

– Nothing really, I mean, there is little chance of us incorporating any operatic harmonies into any of our songs, but there’s no point it saying we’ll never try new things; unless it’s a tambourine, awful instrument!  haha

– November 8th sees Welcome Pariah play with The Charlatans. How are you planning to make this show a night to remember for the audience? How do you feel about sharing the stage with one of your favourite bands?

– We’ve played to some large crowds before but this will big our biggest gig to date. Unless a speaker falls on someone heads, or there’s a fire caused by some epic electronic malfunction on stage we’re gunna smash this gig! It’s too much of a dream come true to not pull it off that way.

– Your first official video for ‘Neither Here Nor There’ is out and I love it! What was your main approach while developing the idea for it and making this first video memorable?

– To be honest we left a lot of that stuff to the guy that directed. It was shot in a disused underground bunker in Hackney, East London. The songs quite psychedelic in parts so Ellie Newmark’s doing the whole dreamy dancing on it as well which ties in well with the lyrics. It’s a great vid, and it’s how he’s interpreted it but ultimately it’s the song that makes any video memorable.

– How would you estimate the year 2013 for you?

– With a new line-up, a load of decent gigs behind us and a cracking EP that looks and sounds great we’re in the strongest position we ever have been. We’ve got some big announcements to make in the New Year as well; we’re still a relatively young group but this band has always moved forward since day one, the day we don’t is the day we call it a day, 2014 is going to be big!

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