Band of the week /// Reporters


We just want to create good, honest music without the bells & whistles to prop us up.

Dan Stock

Inspirations of good, old rock ‘n’ roll times still excite aspiring talents of today. Milton Keynes Reporters have a truly eclectic philosophy when it comes to making music. Everything from the sound to their work ethics suggests that the band have some serious plans for world domination. “We don’t want to have “normal” jobs, – says Dan Stock (lead vocals & guitar). – We want to make a living from doing what we love. Basically this is all we are ever going to do and we will do everything we can to make it happen!” Now, this is the band with the purpose!

Despite forming only in 2012, Reporters have been demonstrating great maturity of sound typical of very experienced bands. “We met properly in summer 2012, although before that  knew of each other through the local music scene, – says Dan about Reporters’ beginnings. – We both respected each other as musicians while I was playing solo acoustic gigs and Josh played drums in a band. Once we discovered we both had similar ambitions, we  got together and instantly clicked.” Indeed, chemistry is one of the most important things when it comes to forming a band. You either click with other people, or you don’t. Reporters do have this special chemistry which can be seen in their videos and felt in their music – the one that adds a special spark to each line, note and chord coming from the talented duo.

Reporters’ EP ‘Trouble Last Morning’ (out October 28th) was inspired by Dan’s listening to The Velvet Underground, The Walkmen, Bob Dylan and John Cooper Clarke at the time when he was writing the songs for it. “I wouldn’t say the songs were directly influenced by these bands however I do think that they inspired different aspects of the songs. The combination of these influences (plus many more) really shaped the way the EP turned out.”

‘Trouble Last Morning’ was recorded in the best traditions of old school rock ‘n’ roll – in a fully analogue form. “We chose to record it as live as possible because we wanted to capture the songs as they are played naturally, rather than manufacturing the parts, – explains Dan. – It’s the best way to display the youthful energy of the band. We also recorded it on to tape rather than a computer, also because we wanted it to be as real as possible and it’s something we are very proud of.”  Thus, ‘Trouble Last Morning’ sounds so live and so unpolished, that you’ll not be able to resist its arresting raw spirit. The sense of having Reporters play in your room will not leave you for the whole of the three songs and will get these gems well settled down in your iPod for days on end.

Reporters’ unique character has already earned them some notable support slots with the likes of Dead Sons and Catfish And The Bottlemen, the Bedford Esquires show with the latter standing out as especially memorable for the duo. “I broke a string mid-set, but carried on, – recollects Dan. – It’s hard to put my finger on it but something about the whole gig was pretty special!”  The Catfish boys, by the way, are very fond of  Reporters and cite them as “pure Rock & Roll”. So, what is it like to experience Reporters live then?  “An energetic display of raw emotion. We don’t just stand there, play our songs and leave, we try to put on a bit of a show as best we can.”

Despite being a young band, Reporters have gone a long way since their formation – both as musicians and as people. “In just over a year, we have evolved massively. We’re not the two shy teenagers we were when the band formed, we’re confident in our abilities to make music and perform.” They most certainly know what they want from music, which is crucial for an aspiring band. Multiply this by talent and confidence and you’ll get the rock ‘n’ roll talent of tomorrow.

“First and foremost, we want to make music that we would want to listen to ourselves. I like to think of it as we are pouring different aspects of everything we like into our songs, therefore making what we would see as “the perfect band. We try our best to steer away from sounding like anybody else and try to create something new using similar ingredients of the music we love.”

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