Feature /// Kids In Glass Houses ‘Peace’ 2013

Kids In Glass Houses 2013

Kids In Glass Houses hate being repetitive and always make sure they don’t record similar-sounding albums over and over again. Their debut album ‘Smart Casual’ (2008) had a raw touch to the pop-rock sound; the sophomore ‘Dirt’ (2010)  grew more polished and anthemic while ‘In Gold Blood’ (2011) showed a considerable deviation from the band’s roots and moved into a crepuscular, conceptual route.

Apocalyptic, dark and rather sophisticated in melodies, ‘In Gold Blood’ showed very mature, serious Kids In Glass Houses – very different to the wild youngsters of ‘Smart Casual’ and ‘Dirt’. When the record was released in August 2011, the band were very happy with their newly take direction. However, ‘In Gold Blood’ was met with very mixed reactions from the band’s following, who missed straightforward, reckless zeal of earlier Kids In Glass Houses. As time passed, the band themselves realised that such a dark path wasn’t really their cup of tea and decided to do things differently on album number four.

If you, like a lot of other Kids In Glass Houses’ fans, were caught off-guard by the way ‘In Gold Blood’ took a u-turn from what everyone’s got used to hearing from the Welsh outfit, the band want to make peace with you. Right now. September 30th saw the release of Kids In Glass Houses’ new studio album ‘Peace’ which is a return to the band’s earlier sound and also a step up in the new direction.

It’s no secret that Kids In Glass Houses have always classified themselves as a pop band. But their pop is not cheesy, but infectious and classy with a rock twist and energetic boost. The main element of their music is based on hooks in both – melodies and vocals. You know the type of songs which make it impossible not to sing along to them at the top of your voice till your lungs give up, don’t you? That’s the kind of tunes Kids In Glass Houses make best. And these wondrous belters make the band the top of the game in their genre.

‘Peace’ has all these catchy hooks and spirits of Kids In Glass Houses’ first two albums, but also takes a lot of new elements on board. Absolutely huge, the album has a polished flavour and a tasteful twist of maturity to it. The introduction of synths and strings elegantly interlaced in the melodies works to a great advantage and distances Kids In Glass Houses from your average pop-rock outfit.

‘Drive’ set the mark for the whole record with its off-scale energy. When the song was written, Kids In Glass Houses aimed at making the rest of the album sound similarly massive so that any track from it could be a single. Thus ‘Peace’ comes across as strong and in-your-face, but in a very melodious, zealous way. Described as “shiny disco” by Aled Phillips in one of the interviews, ‘Peace’ will get you dance your feet off in no time. The album was made with fervour and the band having great fun while recording it. So, it’s no wonder that listening to ‘Peace’ is great fun as well.

While so many bands nowadays drive away from their roots and search for new directions, Kids In Glass Houses did the opposite: they went back to basics with ‘Peace’. Teeming with youthful energy and unrestrained zest, ‘Peace’ shows Kids In Glass Houses at their best and will remind you why you fell in love with these lads’ music in the first place.

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