Track by track /// The Broken Arrows ‘Nothing Personal’ [EP] 2013

The Broken Arrows

Chris Gunby (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Ray Wallis (lead guitar) from The Broken Arrows talk you through the band’s EP ‘Nothing Personal’.

The whole EP really is trying to play on the emotions of love and finding it but a less sentimental approach than a soppy break-up album. It’s not all depressing stuff and tears. “Nothing Personal” sums it up perfectly. It’s not necessarily to do with the other person, there’s your own disbelief, the anger, the surprise, the relief. No one seems to write about that.

No Place to Go

Ray: This song is based on a riff that I had for a while; however it took the rest of the band to knock it into proper shape. The thing I’m most proud of on this track is the arrangement/structure; I’ve always felt it’s probably got one of the most varied and  interesting structures of any of our songs.

Chris: It’s a song inspired by those moments when the girl you like is with another guy. The times when you just think “seriously?! What are you doing with him?” It’s a song about trying to show you’re better. I guess it was written with a sense of false bravado and confidence, trying to impress. Nonchalant but desperate to prove your worth to that girl.

Get Me Down

Ray: This was originally conceived as an acoustic country blues song (believe it or not!!) but obviously changed once I introduced it to the group. The lyrics very much reflect the mood I was in when I wrote them; a bit tired after a gruelling gig/recording schedule and in need of time to for writing and reflection. Hopefully this is a sentiment that people familiar with the song will share.

Chris: Ray gets all the credit for these lyrics, but it always makes me think of being hung up over a girl. Just being lead along by her and changing your ways, but then the moment you realise the steps you’re taking. Ultimately trying to break free from the spell they have you under. Just trying to get out of monotony.

Eyes Fixed to the Sky

Ray: Probably one of the more heavy songs in our catalogue, this one has always proved very popular in our live shows. The riff and lyric draw on our southern rock/country influence which is pretty clear for all to hear. It’s definitely one of riffs I’m most proud of.

Chris: This is a lot darker admittedly, and the lyrics for me just playing on the idea of just snapping. You know: When things get too much and you just lose it, give in to your dark side. Just makes you want to take control of your life again! We love playing this one live and the reaction it gets.

Nothing Personal

Ray: This song was written about a close friend of the band, who will of course remain nameless.  Musically, the song is probably the most simplistic of the whole EP, relying on a rapid tempo change in the middle to create variation. The song is really great to play live and we always seem to get a positive response from the crowd; particularly when the aforementioned dedicatee is in the crowd!!!

Chris: We wrote it after observing the break up between the people we knew, a break up that had been a while coming. It was refreshing to see the relief for them afterwards. No remorse or depression just pure relief. And you realise that sometimes you’re better off! Written to remind people of that; there are perks to single life!

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