Band of the week /// The Winter Tradition

The Winter Tradition

We’ve got a lot of different emotions floating around in our songs. We just want people to feel satisfied after they’ve been listening to us!

Mark Morrow

Scotland is a great place for music, it’s a fact. Having given the world the likes of Simple Minds, Biffy Clyro or Twin Atlantic, Scottish music scene is a thriving story of its own. Edinburgh-based alternative/indie/rock collective The Winter Tradition make one of the finest representatives of the army of new bands from Scotland.

The Winter Tradition emerged in 2010. However, the band’s roots go much further back to the times when they were making noise under the name of The Void. When at some point in their career the musicians no longer felt comfortable and happy under that name, as their sound was taking a different – more mature turn, there came the name change to open a brand-new chapter in the band’s life.  “We’ve been playing music together for a while now and collectively under The Winter Tradition for the past 3 years, – says The Winter Tradition guitarist Mark Morrow. – It was when we started The Winter Tradition that we really started to take it seriously. We were happy and excited with what we were producing and decided to take it further.”

In 2012 The Winter Tradition released their debut full-length album ‘Gradients’ to the raving reaction from music lovers. Furthermore, it landed the collective support slots with Idlewild, Enter Shikari and Hundred Reasons plus a couple of famous fans along the way, including Tom and Serge from Kasabian.  “‘Gradients’ was our first stab at a full length album. It was great fun to write and piece together as a full album. We did all the recording and production ourselves at my home studio. It was also the first full length album I’ve ever recorded so I definitely learned a lot. All the songs are still very close to our hearts and we are still very much enjoying playing them live!”

Apparently the biggest highlight of 2013 for The Winter Tradition became headlining The Liquid Room in Edinburgh. “It’s our biggest gig to date yet and we amazed ourselves at how many people turned up, – recollects Mark. – It was a real eye opening moment for us to come back and play to a packed out hometown.” This show not only marked the band’s biggest live performance so far, but also the first live album for The Winter Tradition. Just for the record, the limited physical edition of ‘Live At The Liquid Room’, documenting this important milestone in the collective’s career, sold out in the blink of an eye, so it does say a lot about how good these gentlemen are.

The Winter Tradition boast a great variety of songs: loud and in your face, stripped down and quiet, pop or atmospheric. It’s no wonder their live shows are a spectacular performance. “We try and put a dynamic and interesting show together live and keep every listener involved. We love playing the bigger venues because we get to put on a full production. We’ve always planned big shows with crazy lights, projections, banners, lazers and all the rest of it! Saying that though we still try and put on a ‘big’ show in the smaller venues – just scaled down. I also like being really close up next to the crowd. You get to feel the real energy in the room!”

So, the post-debut-album year has proved to be a big one for The Winter Tradition. After the release of ‘Gradients’, the band have gone a long way, but this is only the beginning. “We are currently writing a bunch of new songs which are still definitely in the same vein as ‘Gradients’ but we’ve explored different areas that we hadn’t before. We’ve also been experimenting with new instruments and sounds which is very exciting.” Music lovers, It’s high time you got excited as well.

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