Feature /// Mellor ‘One Of The Faces’ [EP] 2013

Mellor 1

Reading-based collective Mellor have this special talent for reflecting a truly retro feel in their rock ‘n’ roll. The sense of suddenly acquiring a time machine and going back to the times when jeans were flared,  hair was worn long and The Beatles were causing a music revolution will never leave you while listening to this truly talented band.

Mellor started out in 2011 and it didn’t take them long to get noticed. After playing one gig only, the band, who are famous for their incredibly energetic performances, caught the eye of BBC Introducing and made it to their playlist. The first year of Mellor’s life was spent playing shows with the likes of The Kooks and Pete Doherty and conquering more and more enthusiastic fans all over the UK.

It all accumulated in Mellor’s releasing their first – breakthrough – single ‘Catch Me Girl’ with a b-side ‘Last Man On Earth’ to the great critical acclaim in the summer of 2012 – the release, that pushed the band further into a good rock ‘n’ roll place. ‘Catch Me Girl’ was followed by ‘In The Water’ in the autumn of the same year and more massive support from music media.

The end of 2013 is set to lay another brick in cementing the band’s foundations and exploiting the success of their earlier achievements. Mellor’s EP ‘One Of The Faces’ (released October 28th) is sure enough to spin the propeller even faster to take the promising band higher and higher.

‘One Of The Faces’ was recorded at Miloco Studios in London and champions amazingly dynamic, old school aura on all the four tracks. Clocking in under 3 minutes (apart from a four-minute slow-burning affair of ‘Animals’), the tracks are bright, instant flashes of stunning melodies for top music enjoyment.

Husky vocals contrast perfectly with the elevating, uplifting air of the tunes for a true rock ‘n’ roll air.  Sounding fresh and bearing an irresistible easy-going vibe, ‘One Of The Faces’ is a strong release from this young collective. With the sound and approach like Mellor’s, the band are destined for some big things in the future.

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