Track by track /// Through Colour ‘Somnium’ [EP] 2013

Through Colour

Manchester-based Through Colour have been around since 2003. Having left their post-hardcore roots behind, the band recently relocated to Manchester from Wales and started a new chapter in the band’s life – a whirlwind of pop-rock melodies.  EP ‘Somnium’ (released 30th September) is the first part of a two-part release. Through Colour’s Steve and Jazzy tell you all about the tracks on the EP.

We went with this title [‘Somnium’] due to us wanting an easy way to sum up to concept and theme’s we found had made a strong presence on the EP. We didn’t really set out to specifically write two themed EP’s, just once we’d got the mixes back we realised that the new experiences, a new life, and a strong theme about dreaming and making them dreams a reality had found its way into the tracks. It was a way of summing it all up in one word, yet still having that element of mystery to it.


Steve: I think this was one of the last tracks we actually wrote for the EP and it’s possibly one of the most pop-esque tracks we’ve ever written. I remember finishing work and heading home and being in a generally great mood due to finally feeling pretty settled in this new environment. We sat in the kitchen and Lee showed me the opening riff and I pretty much came up with the chorus instantly. It’s just generally about wanting to achieve your goals/dreams. Personally I have no respect for people who always say how much they want to or how much they’d LOVE to do certain things with their life and don’t at least try. I hope when people hear this track it makes them at least want to try. The line ‘We are the never knowing’ is my way of just saying ‘We don’t know what the future holds, but it’s not going to be the one you want if you don’t go and get it’.


Steve: I’d had the lyrics for Lost for a while when we lived back in Wales, but I didn’t have a melody or the right sounding song never came up. The guys wrote the music and Jazzy started humming the vocal melody and the lyrics just clicked and fit the sound. It’s about having no inspiration and being bored and feeling deflated with the same old place/face’s/going on’s day in day out that became our lives in Wales. I knew we needed to get away and start over, but I just didn’t know where. That was where the ‘Show Me Where’ chorus came from. It just seemed like every time I picked up a pen and paper to write lyrics I was constantly repeating myself and writing about things in a negative light. I got to the point where I wasn’t happy about that so I decided to just write down exactly how I felt at the very moment and that’s what I came up with. I go through so many of my lyrics days after writing them and I’m not happy with them so end up throwing a lot away. I’m really glad I held onto these ones. Musically I’m realy glad that it has quite an upbeat and positive sound to it.


Jazzy: ‘Ink’ is an ironic tale of relationship breakdown. I write all my lyrics in a little black book and one day it must have fallen out of my pocket. My then girlfriend happened to stumble upon the book and took exception to some of the lyrical content. On a personal level some of the themes especially failed relationships are about closing a chapter in my life, a kind of catharsis. The fact that my then girlfriend is now in the book is where the sad irony creeps in.

I’m sure a lot of songwriters have been rebuked by angry loved ones down the years, but you can’t always tailor to other people’s emotions, sometimes you have to be true to yourself.


Jazzy: Broken is almost a sequel to Ink, there’s a lot of anger in the verses and by contrast plenty of hope for the future within the choruses. The personal drama of 2010 discussed in Ink allowed me to focus and re-evaluate my entire future living at home on Anglesey. By this time I think all the guys in the band where ready for a change of scenery, we all had different motives for making our escape but only one ambition when we reached our destination and that was to write music we could be proud of……and long may it continue.

Steve: ‘Broken’ was fun to write as I think it was the first song Jazzy and I co-wrote. It was a bit like exploring new territory in Manchester so we decided to explore new territory in terms of writing too. I remember Jazzy sitting down and playing the track acoustically and it blew me away, then he got to the bridge (‘Darling don’t get me down….) where he was struggling for lyrics so I tried to capture how I imagine he felt at that time, being in such a sad situation about the fact that a relationship had come to an end, yet excited and hopeful for the new life we we’re about to begin.

Till The End

Steve: ‘Till the end’ is just a love a story, really. I wanted to write about two people stepping out into the unknown together, much like we did as a band, But I didn’t want the focus to be on us. I think sometimes all you need is that one person to give you a little push in the right direction when you’re scared and that’s what I tried to get across in this track. I genuinely think that sometimes you can step out into the unknown and you can step out into the world with nothing but dreams and uncertainty, but as long as you have someone who cares and believes in  you, then you genuinely can do it. So that’s what this track is about – Two people stepping out into the future, the unknown, the uncertainty, together and knowing that everything will be ok as long as they stick together. We added strings and orchestra into this track and it just became this MASSIVE sounding fairytale kind of story.

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