Face to face with The Deep Red Sky

The Deep Red Sky

Scottish alternative five-piece The Deep Red Sky present a stunning combination of atmospheric, eerie melodies with noisy, rock ‘n’ roll guitars in their sound – the mixture harmonious and original, fresh and alluring. The year 2013 has been a massive one for the band so far with the release of their debut album ‘Plans’, great reception of the aforementioned record by music fans and relentless touring all over the UK. The Deep Red Sky’s John Alexander talks to Rock Britain about ‘Plans’, cover songs and pre-show rituals.

– Your debut album ‘Plans’ has been out for a while now. How happy are you with the way the release turned out and how the audience reacted to it?

– Yeah, we were really pleased with the reactions we have had from it. At the stage we are at it’s always tricky getting picked up by the press but we were pleased with what did come out. We did get some decent radio play for the singles ‘Zombies (Things Don’t Stay The Same)’ and for ‘Look On Your Face’, which is pretty cool.. We have had some really nice reviews for it in the press and on blogs, but more importantly we still get messages from folk saying how much they are enjoying the record.

– While working at the album, did you aim towards some particular sound on it or did it just develop naturally?

– The sound of the album came about quite naturally. With this being our first full album, we were happy just see what happened and run with it. We tried lots of different sounds in the studios and went with what felt right, and we are pleased with how it turned out. We are back in the studio at the moment recording and we are trying out a different approach from the first time round. We definitely have a sound in mind. We think it’s good to mix it up so watch this space!

– There’s a new release from The Deep Red Sky – the cover of ‘Kids’ by MGMT. Why did you choose this particular song for covering?

– It’s a song we all liked to start with. That really helps, as everyone is willing to put the time in to get our version going. We also wanted to choose a song that we could really make our own. We think we have got quite a distinctive sound and thought we could show that with this song, and really bring out the lyrics, which are pretty powerful. Hopefully other people can enjoy it as much as we do!

– Do you have plans to do more covers in the future? Whose songs would you else like to cover?

– We have tried a few in practices actually. It can be a nice break from writing our own stuff. Taking something that we like and seeing if there is anything in it we can bring out to make it unique to The Deep Red Sky. As for what we would release next; that’s a closely guarded secret, but we are definitely keen to put out another one.

– Have you got a favourite cover song by some other band which you enjoy more than the original version?

– That’s a tricky one. Are you allowed to say you like a song more than the original? We will go for it; Jimi Hendrix’s ‘All Along The Watch Tower’ is brilliant, the emotion and passion you can hear in that track is amazing. More recently I’d have to say Johnny Cash’s cover of ‘Hurt’ is pretty spectacular, his version makes the lyrics all the more poignant, as if the song was written about his life and the demons he struggled with.

– How do you make your live shows unforgettable?

– It can be hard to connect with a crowd when you’re playing songs that they haven’t maybe heard before but we find that we grab people’s attention when we play our cover of ‘Kids’. It draws them in and makes people listen and we always put in loads of energy and get it back out of the crowd!

– Have you got any particular rituals or habits you keep to before your shows?

– Nothing that really springs to mind however I do seem to notice that Jos seems to get changed in quite public places, Jamie paces about and doesn’t speak and Jesse panics as she’s forgotten where she’s placed a vital piece of gear!

– How do you think coming from Scotland and Scottish cultural and music environment influenced you as musicians?

– Well it rains far to often than it should to maintain a sunny disposition so I’d say that we end up sounding a bit melancholy but everyone loves a sad song. Misery loves company they say!

– Apart from releasing a debut album, what are other highlights of The Deep Red Sky’s life so far?

– Finding Jesse, who’s originally from Buffalo in NY. We were at a point were we felt that there was a gaping hole in our sound and what we wanted to achieve live and we saw her doing a solo gig in the Jazz bar in Edinburgh and we immediately pounced on her. After she caught her breath and dusted herself down she was on board! Another would be our first UK tour earlier this year, we got a chance to play some great places and have some amazing experiences. We also managed not to kill each other, which is a bonus.

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  1. ileneonwords says:

    I enjoyed this song and the band! I did a brief posting on The Dave Clark Five this morning, please stop by and visit some time, Thanks!

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