The Sounds Of Old Trafford: Ultimate Manchester United Playlist


Football and music are bound together much tighter than it might seem at first sight. After all, it’s music that keeps spectators well pumped up before a kick off. At the home of the mighty Manchester United – Old Trafford – the tastefully compiled playlists reflect the exquisite traditions and history of the Red Devils. Playing a lot of legendary local bands, most of whom are big United fans, at Old Trafford they don’t forget about up-and-coming British talents too. Here are Top 10 bands played at Old Trafford at the Reds’ games. You can find the whole playlist The Sounds Of Old Trafford at my Spotify page (username Olga Polomoshnova). Special thanks go out to Mike Cowley for his help in compiling the playlist.

3 Responses to “The Sounds Of Old Trafford: Ultimate Manchester United Playlist”
  1. Jamie says:

    Any list with The Cure in it can’t be bad. But please, Olga, don’t tell me you’re a Man Utd supporter – I thought you had better taste than that…!!

  2. HERR KAISER says:

    Hi! greets from Mexico!! It’s fantastic your blog; everyday I’m check it….I wish never turn off it….thumbs!!

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