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Capital Sun

Birmingham-based Capital Sun boast a great mingle of acoustic rock, 60s and 70s work ethics and present-day themed lyrics. And, let me tell you, this is something you simply must hear! Fresh from the release of their latest single ‘It’s A Crime’ and preparing for a debut full-length emergence in the near future, Capital Sun’s lead singer Glen Boden discusses working with Chris Tsangarides, love of old school music and important milestones in their career.

– Capital Sun have been around since 2010. How would you introduce the band to somebody who doesn’t know you?

– We find it easy by describing it in the form of two bands ‘Crosby Stills And Nash’ and ‘Led Zeppelin’

– Your debut album ‘Mr. Nobody’ is all ready to be released. How are you feeling now in this pre-debut-release time?

– Excited! It’s the result of two year’s worth of writing and crafting these songs, It’s like a section of my life on a record. It will be great to get it out there because our fans are dying to hear it!

– How did you enjoy working with Chris Tsangarides at this record?

– We were meant to record this album with Chris. He produced my uncle’s band ‘Money’ in 1979, my uncle was the drummer and it was also their debut album, it has since become a NWOBHM cult hit. I saw Chris in the Anvil Movie, not realizing he was still working in the UK. I sent him some demos and the rest is history. Working with Chris was an amazing experience for us, his more old-school approach to recording (i.e. using an analog equipment and lots of vintage outboard studio effects and not using auto tune) suits our sound to a tee. He would throw in ideas for backing vocals that would sound cool, he just sings from the same hymn sheet as us. He wanted our songs to sound the best they possibly could and his relaxed attitude to recording, made us feel like we had no pressure to do so. He also has some amazing rock and roll Memoirs he should write a book, (I think he is).

– What is the story of this album from the very beginning to the final stages? When did it start to shape into the album it is now, what were the main sources of inspiration for it and how did the work at it go generally?

– It’s music heavily influenced by 60s and early 70s song craft, but with modern lyrics. We initially had around 20 songs that had potential for the album. We would organize set lists to see how the tracks would flow, which tracks worked and which didn’t. We ended up with 12 songs that said exactly what we wanted to put across. There is allot of Social commentary and not too much ‘ooo baby’… well there might be a bit but it is well balanced. Musically the album is inspired by a host of great bands and artists including CSN, Neil Young, Supertramp, Zeppelin, The Beatles, ELO & Fleetwood Mac to name but a few. Lyrically the album is inspired by everyday Life, work and play, routine, bugbears and a few moans. I’m very excited to release it, because it’s the result of two year’s worth of writing and crafting these songs, It’s like a section of my life on a record.

– You have got three single releases under your belts.What were your main criteria while choosing which songs to release as singles? Which traits should a song possess to become a single?

– It’s all about the Chorus for me! It has to be a stand out section that people want to sing along to, which our new single ‘It’s A Crime’ (Out 28th October, across the net) definitely has. Its 80% chorus we get people just randomly shouting ‘It’s A Crime’ to us mid conversation at gigs its quite funny how something catches on!

– What does your ideal launch party for the album look like?

– Well we ditched the conventional ‘Launch party’ in conjunction with the single release date, as it clashed with Halloween. So instead we are doing a ‘Single celebration’ on the 9th November at The Sunflower Lounge in our hometown of Birmingham. Want to keep it free and easy, informal and a chance for our fans, friends and family to come and hear us play and have a beer with us after, we’re really looking forward to it. It’ll be a big thanks from us, to the people that have bought the single.

– What is it like to experience Capital Sun live?

– There is no delusions of grandeur, we’re just four blokes from Birmingham that play music that we love. We like to have a laugh and a joke we don’t take things to seriously. We have a pretty big sound and we are pretty tight live because we practice allot and we also gig allot. It’s hard to describe, so probably best to come and see us. One of the most common complements is that we have our own sound, which we’re pretty proud of.

– Birmingham has got a thriving music scene. What are your favourite bands to ever come out of Birmingham?

– Black Sabbath, The Move, ELO, Wizard, The Moody Blues, Ocean Colour Scene.

– You draw your music influences from classic, old-school rock. What are the traits of the music of those times you love and which are not present in the music of today?

– I’m a sucker for dramatic songs, big choruses great use of dynamics and vocal harmony, it’s rare that any modern music will interest me. Back in the good old days, bands would be signed and given a bit of money to make an album, they would make the album and release it and it would not be a commercial success, but the label would give the band a bit more money to make another album to see if they had any luck the second or third time. Basically bands were developed and given time to hone their craft, many times a band from the old day’s best album is their third or fourth effort. The way the industry is now, if you are signed and you make a debut album that is not a huge success off the bat, then the label will drop you. So in a way, although we don’t have millions of pounds behind Capital Sun, We also have no pressure to have huge success with this album, and nobody to drop us because we are in control.

– What bands have been rocking your iPod recently?

– I’m Currently listening to a band called ‘Beware of Darkness’ they are an American band that makes great dynamic rock with really classy lyrics. I hear lots of Bowie influence. They are also named after a class George Harrison song.

– What have been the major milestones for Capital Sun since the band’s inception?

– We have supported The Enemy and The View. Worked with Chris Tsangarides! We look forward to what the future has for us.

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