Face to face with Kids In Glass Houses

Kids In Glass Houses 2013

Welsh lads Kids In Glass Houses have recently released their fourth album ‘Peace’, which saw the band return to their pop rock roots after conceptual experiments of ‘In Gold Blood’. Needless to say, ‘Peace’ blazes with signature KIGH hooks and passionate melodies which will get you dancing and singing along in no time. The band’s drummer Phil Jenkins talks to Rock Britain about the album, touring and longevity. 

– How have the things been with you lately with all the buzz surrounding Kids In Glass Houses, returning on the road and releasing your fourth album ‘Peace’?

– Things are great at the moment. We’re just in Europe doing a headline run off the back of a headline tour in the UK which went really well. We’re glad to be back.

–    If you were to design a poster for spreading the word about ‘Peace’ all over the world, what would you write on it about the album?

– Give Peace A Dance

–   The artwork for ‘Peace’ is very bright and eye-catching. How does this artwork connect with and reflect the music on the album?

– When writing and recording the album we wanted to have fun, so yeah, I think the artwork represents that.

–    ‘Drive’ set the bar for the whole of the record sound-wise. How was ‘Drive’ born and what were the main sources of inspiration for it?

– Aled had the melody and idea, then came round Iain’s house to work on the song and get it sounding how it did in his head. Think we wanted to incorporate the new wave element of ‘In Gold Blood’ with the pop element from previous albums.

–    After trying out a different direction on ‘In Gold Blood’, how did it feel to return to your roots on ‘Peace’?

– I think we’d lost our way a bit, pushing ourselves to the point of not enjoying ourselves. So to go back to writing pop songs again made us feel like ourselves

– What did you learn while working at ‘In Gold Blood’ that influenced the way ‘Peace’ sounds?

– I think we learnt how to play and record live as a band – which made us better as a band. We also, incorporated a new wave element that comes through on some of the songs on Peace.

– You’ve used strings and a lot of synths on ‘Peace’. What are other instruments you haven’t tried on your albums yet but would like to introduce in the future?

– We’ve had Sax, Glock and now synths. I’m not sure where we’d like to go next, maybe something a bit cosmic like a sitar.

– Prior to releasing ‘Peace’ you didn’t do proper tours for a while. How did it feel to get back on the road after a break?

– It feels great, we love playing shows and seeing people enjoying the new material .

– Now with four albums under your belts, what’s your approach towards forming a setlist for your shows? Do you miss playing any particular songs – the ones you used to play a couple of years back, but don’t fit in your setlists anymore?

– For the UK tour we brought back songs like ‘Lilli Rose’ and ‘Girls’, which was a lot of fun as they seem to be fan favourites.

– With so much music around at the moment, what are the main traits of a band or an album that are important for you? What are you looking for in new music today?

– Some exciting and different.

– What advice could you give to aspiring bands?

– Stay in school.

–    Kids In Glass Houses have been a band for a quite a long time. What do you think is the key to your longevity?

– We got no place else to go!

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