Face to face with Quiet As A Mouse

Quiet As A Mouse
Edinburgh-based Quiet As A Mouse started in 2012, but their achievements are already those of a band who could as well have been around for longer. Supporting the likes of Palma Violets, stretching their gig geography as far as London and, what’s more important, shaping a mature, accomplished sound are among quite a few merits the band have. Quiet As A Mouse’s lead singer and guitarist Alex Moran talks to Rock Britain about their latest single, working with Marcus Mackay and plans for the future.
– What inspired you to start Quiet As A Mouse? 
– I wanted to move my writing and music forward as well as have a fresh start from what I was previously doing musically.
– Your single ‘Home Is The Hardest Place To Find’ is out on 18th November. What was the inspiration for this song? How was it born?
–  It’s actually one of my older songs. It used to be a slowed down alt country song, but I had been wanting to ramp it up for a while. So we started working on it and Steve came up with the instrumental hook and Graham and Kev locked into the nice rolling verse rhythm that I had imagined.
– How did the concept for the video for this track appear? 
– We can’t take credit for the video concept my friend Ciaran is a music video director it was his idea and vision. Check out his website http://seaoflyons.com/ if you like.
– You teamed up with Marcus Mackay for ‘Home Is The Hardest Place To Find’. How did you enjoy working with him? 
– I enjoyed it a lot. Marcus has a track record of working with bands which place a strong emphasis on songwriting, which from the outset made me feel really comfortable and excited to be working with him.
– What does songwriting process in Quiet As A Mouse look like? 
– I bring the lyrics, vocal melodies and basic chord structure/arrangement to the group and then we work through the rhythm, each of the parts and any arrangement changes.
 – What are your dos and donts while making music? 
– The biggest Do is to work hard. The biggest Don’t is to be a copycat.
 – What’s the most important thing for you in your live shows? 
– The most important thing for me is energy.
– What made you decide to become a musician in the first place?
–  I wanted to write and music seemed like the most natural fit for me.
 – How did the name Quiet As A Mouse appear and how does it reflect the band’s personality? 
– I had the name around the time we started playing together. It’s the first band name I have come up with that I actually liked.
 – What are your plans for the nearest future? 
– We are making our single ‘Home Is The Hardest Place To Find’ available for free download via our Soundcloud page  for a month period starting on 18th November. To link with this we are playing shows in Edinburgh at The Caves on Weds 20th November and also a free entry show in London at Tipsy on Saturday 20th November.

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