Concert stories /// The View @ 16 Tons /// Moscow /// 04.11.2013

The View

Scottish outfit The View are famous for a cheeky spirit at their live shows as well as outside them. When placed in live environment, their music sounds unashamedly rock ‘n’ roll and electrified. Hands down, for this genuine Scottish band live shows are definitely one of their strongest points. After releasing a compilation ‘Seven Year Setlist’ The View embarked on a massive tour and well expanded their geography by visiting Moscow with a concert on 4th November at 16 Tons.

Playing small, intimate venues, which 16 Tons definitely is, is one of The View’s favourite things. While their star status doesn’t allow them to often play this kind of venues in the UK and Europe these days, The View’s Russian audience is not yet big enough to fill arenas. Thus, the Moscow crowd was treated to something really valuable: an intimate, small, sweaty show at 16 Tons with a tiny stage and literary no distance between the band on it and themselves. And that was the intimacy to remember.

Even despite having quite a long setlist packed with the best tracks, The View made the time fly like rockets in the sky. Their dynamic and energetic performance captured from the very first seconds and didn’t let go for the whole of the gig. Faster tracks like ‘Skag Trendy’, ‘Tragic Magic’, ‘Kill Kyle’ or ‘Shock Horror’ were met with enthusiastic uproar and involved a lot of swaying and dancing. Melancholic ‘Face For The Radio’ and ‘Happy’ caused expressive singalongs and thoughtful air about the crowd. The biggest hit ‘Same Jeans’ boasted great, loud reaction and ‘Ab’ led to massive headbanging and dance frenzy. Riff explosions caused movement explosions in the crowd with everyone simply having the time of their lives. Indeed, The View can keep it varied and thus exciting for people.

Another special trait of The View’s shows is a special feeling of mischief the musicians bring onto the stage with them – without taking themselves too seriously and as if they were up for something naughty. This playful atmosphere, which was kept through the whole of the show, gave it a special feeling of freedom and carefree attitude with no cares in the whole world. To top it all, the night had a touch of a friendly get-together with songs to the guitars and dancing till dropping in the close-knit circle of soulmates. A magical connection was built between the band and the audience – invisible, but strong with everyone being totally on the same page and loving it.

‘The View are on fire’ was the main chant of the night from the fans and it reflected the atmosphere of the show perfectly: The View indeed were on fire and set Moscow audience on fire too, just like they usually do elsewhere.

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