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Casual Panic 2

Casual Panic are a young Milton Keynes-based rock ‘n’ roll outfit with the sound inspired by the likes of Arctic Monkeys and  The Strokes, but their own signature touch with fiery guitars on one side, raw power on the other and tranquil melodies on the third. Wanna learn more? Read on as the musicians introduce themselves to Rock Britain’s audience.

– What was the beginning of Casual Panic as a band?

Charlie Glover-Wright (Drums): Archie (Keir – guitarist) and myself started playing together when we were about 13 and recruited Steve Ettery to play bass. We played various covers but soon realised that we should start writing our own music and should get a singer. We tried out a few but unfortunately none of them were the ‘right’ fit for the band. AND then we found Zach (Campbell)! After seeing Zach perform in another group I sent him a girly message on facebook asking him to jam with us. He turned up and we got on really well.

– How would you introduce Casual Panic to somebody who hasn’t heard of you?

Steve: Four dudes, four instruments, four dreams all with the same goal.

Zach: We’re fresh, with a huge emphasis on melody and energy. but to really find out i’d say come see us live.

– What, do you think, is the special trait of Casual Panic that makes you stand out among other bands?

Charlie: I think what makes us stand out is our gargantuan commitment to our art. We are artists, and we want to perfect these musical brush strokes as best as we possibly can. If the art doesn’t work you just have to wash the brush and start again and by Jove we will.

– Your EP has been out for some time now. How happy are you with this record and how has the reaction to it been so far?

Zach: We had a lot of people after gigs asking if we had recorded any songs, so due to the phenomenal demand we recorded five songs for our EP in our friends barn (shout-out to Fred Martin). It’s been a small success and now all our fans can listen to us whenever and wherever. We like it a lot, but we just keep looking forwards we have already moved on to more interesting things!

Steve: My mum likes it and that’s what matters.

– What’s the most memorable moment of Casual Panic for you up-to-date?

Charlie: Selling out our first London gig in Soho and all the moments Archie has fallen over or broken his guitar onstage. (ALL AGREE)

– What’s the biggest attraction of your live shows?

Charlie: Imagine you’re in a Sauna and in the sauna there is a gabber party. This is what a CP gig is like.

Zach: We try to keep the same momentum going throughout the whole set – fast, energetic and super fun. Our live show is all about letting your hair down and going wild.

Steve: Shear feral carnage.

 – What’s your main band’s philosophy?

Charlie: We want to create music that appeals to a lot of people, something you can have a really good sing-song to. I think we like the idea of bringing out some sort of feeling in our audience when they listen to our music.

Zach: If someone listens and feels completely neutral then our mission has failed. Hating us is probably better than being indifferent.

Archie: We’re just four guys looking for a slice of music pie.

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