Introduce your music /// Moose Patrol ‘Drowning’ [EP] 2013

Moose Patrol

Manchester alternative rock trio Moose Patrol started their way in music in 2011 after meeting at high school and discovering their mutual desire to write tunes. The band’s debut EP ‘What Lies In The Dark’ came out soon after the collective’s formation and allowed the new-born outfit to get themselves well noticed. A year later Moose Patrol started playing live shows around the UK and spreading the word about their music as far as possible. The year 2013 marks another important milestone in the collective’s life: the release of their sophomore EP ‘Drowning’.

‘Drowning’ has everything to become your favourite EP of the autumn. Expressive, heavyweight guitars, spacious melodies going up to the sky and eerie, haunting specks blend into a music delicacy from this talented band. Moose Patrol introduce ‘Drowning’ to Rock Britain in all the details.

– Your EP ‘Drowning’ is out. How do you feel about this record?

– We are all really proud of ‘Drowning’; we feel it is a big step forward in our music. We are also really pleased with the sound as the whole EP was recorded, mixed and engineered by us. Reasons for this? Well money is a major factor, but we also felt we could get the sound we wanted. We have struggled previously to find someone who “gets” the sound we want.

– How would you introduce this record to the audiences?

– We would say that here is ‘Drowning’, we have worked really hard for around a year on it and we feel that it captures the awesomeness of our live sets with the depth of our studio sound. We spent a year making it so that you can spend twenty minutes or so listening to some great music. Which has got to be a fair trade!

– What were the main sources of inspiration for ‘Drowning’?

– When we were writing the songs we were listening to a lot of Deftones, which we think comes through in ‘Echosphere’ with the guitar sound and eerie vocals. There are also some Subways evident in the cool bass lines of ‘Nicolas Cage’. Other inspirations include The Joy Formidable and there was a definite desire to write a catchy melodic song that became ‘Banshee’, after listening to The Rubys who do it really well!

– How did the work at the EP go? What was the starting point of ‘Drowning’ and how long did it take you to fully complete the record?

– We started working on the title track for the EP in November 2012, just after the arrival of the best drummer in the world XD then the process slowed down. We returned to the studio in February 2013 to record ‘Banshee’ and ‘Efflorescence’. At this point we still only had 3 tracks we felt were good enough to put out so we then wrote ‘Echosphere’ and ‘Nicolas Cage’ and decided these would be the tracks to complement the earlier tracks and that we would release a 5 Track EP. We came back to the recordings in August and were all happy with them, so we began the mixing process which was completed early September in time for them to be mastered and released to the Label (Longevity Records). We all have great ideas as to what we wanted and the process was fairly smooth without any fights!

– In what way did the EP evolve from the times of demo versions to the final one sound-wise?

– The EP evolved massively in terms of sound, we would listen to bands like the Foo Fighters and Muse and think we need to sound as full and rich as them. The actual recording of the EP was an opportunity to unlock the potential of the tracks; obviously the studio is a good environment to get a much bigger sound by experimenting with layering vocals, guitars and adding synths. We took mixing into our own hands and after a few weeks of work, we managed to get the songs sounding fuller and with texture. We really wanted the songs to kick and on tracks like ‘Echosphere’ and ‘Banshee’, you really feel a wall of sound hitting you.

– What sort of connection is there between the EP title and the music on the CD?

– ‘Drowning’ works really well as the title as it connects with the music, particularly the track ‘Drowning’ which is about the responsibility and pressure of playing in the band, performing in fronts of lots of people, with all these people watching you , you can feel as if you can’t breathe, and if you let it, it will take you over. ‘Nicolas Cage’ is also about the pressure of being a musician and the perception of what has to be sacrificed to make it.

– Who created the artwork for ‘Drowning’?

– The original image you see on the cover is called “Fear of Drowning” and is the work of Kelsey Patton from California. We found the artwork online and contacted her to ask whether we could use it as we found it really haunting and expressive. The title of the piece is a sheer coincidence but sits nicely with the EP title (the track ‘Drowning’ was written way before we found the artwork!) Kelsey has been great to work with and is just as excited about the record as us!

– What, do you think, makes ‘Drowning’ stand out?

– We think the EP stands out because of its fresh sound, and because it is our take on the music we grew up to adore. The overall richness of the sound stands out in our opinion (for the right reasons!) against lots of new music which can sometimes still sound like demo’s. We feel it is a unique sound that sits well within the current world of Rock and Alternative music. And finally it is music we made that is what we would want to listen to.

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