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Echotape band

Do you want some mesmerising music packed with intense emotions that will send chills of excitement down your spine? Say hello to Echotape then – the band who write exactly this kind of music. Echotape started in 2011 out of a mutual passion of several friends to be creative. Now, with a terrific debut album ‘Collective’ and a huge touring experience under their belt, Echotape are ready to conquer the world. The band’s own Marc Burford talks about the band and their life.

On Echotape’s sound

Our sound is a mixture of emotions, personalities, ambitions and love. We have the power to push it to certain places so the live show can be different but ultimately what you hear on record is what we are about live. Music is a language and we believe that the best way to improve is to explore. We have all been into loads of different band and genres over the years and our sound is simply an amalgamation of all of our lives so far. Trying to mould a sound is not nearly as organic and satisfying as letting it develop naturally. 

On working with Youth

Working with Youth was the biggest learning curve for all of us. He is such a creative person and he knows how to push people to get the results. I believe he set us on the path to find out why we play music, why we are in a band together and what we’re about as people. 

On the debut album ‘Collective’

‘Collective’ is a snapshot of our lives at the time of recording. Everything was laid down in a week without any outside contact to the world. We recorded it at Youth’s studio in Spain which is overlooking a picturesque valley in Sierra Nevada. You can hear the epic soundscapes captured on the record. It takes you to a place of sanctuary and togetherness.

On DIY approach

There aren’t any don’ts in D.I.Y because the whole approach is DO IT yourself. The most important things to do though is to make a plan of what your aims are, then work backwards. You’re always learning new skills on the way and branching out to new friends who can share in your vision. We always remember to think logically about the task.. Do I know anyone that knows someone?? Etc.. It’s good to build up a small team and allocate each member a different task to keep on top of all the jobs allocated to each other. Finally.. don’t stop!! I suppose the only don’t of D.I.Y. would be to start worrying about others that may appear to be more successful than you, it’s your journey! Your band/team is all that matters.

On visuals in music

I think the visual element goes hand in hand with the music. All art is an expression of oneself. We work with our friend and art director Chris Warsop, who designs all the CD sleeves and edits most of the videos. It’s good to have someone who can interpret your sound into visual from a different perspective.

On the most memorable tour experience

The most memorable trip was our adventure to Russia. We were lucky enough to play with a band called Mumiy Troll in Manchester. We got on well and they invited us to come support them in Moscow and St Pertesburg. We played infront of around 15 thousand people within 2 days! The whole experience was surreal to say the least.

On the band’s philosophy

Purpose is everything. Just do what you love and love what you do.

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One Response to “Band of the week /// Echotape”

    I know these guys personally and they know there beliefs and passion in their music and stick with it ,better than any of these manufactured bands you see on TV .

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