Saturday playlist /// Miles Kane


Who: Miles Kane

What: indie/rock/grunge/mod revival

4 Responses to “Saturday playlist /// Miles Kane”
  1. Rebecca says:

    Whoa Miles Kane: so awesomeeee! I saw him a few weeks ago at Paradiso Amsterdam. Now I’ve seen almost every band I really needed to see…with one exception: Arctic Monkeys!! They’ve to come to Holland…so not fair that next May they’ll be playing in Londen with Miles Kane. Can it be more perfect *__*

    • Cool! I bet he’s awesome live, I’m seeing him next week in Moscow.
      Yeah, that Monkeys’ show line-up is incredible! I wish they could all tour the world or something 🙂

      • Rebecca says:

        He is SO awesome live! Just a real rocker when he walks on stage ^^ …and the way he plays guitar, so cool! Anyways have fun at his concert next week!
        That would indeed be great that those bands could tour together…if I had the time and money I would follow them haha.

      • Aww, can’t wait!! Thanks, I”m sure it’s gonna be tons of fun!!
        So true, yeah 🙂

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